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The role of meditation as a tool for promoting health and wellness is evident by the practice’s alteration of an individual’s brain activity, which fosters the attainment of a high level of calmness and awareness. A comparison of results on levels of brain activity measured using the EEG and MRI equipments illustrate the influence of alpha waves produced during meditation. People involved in meditation produce a significantly higher level of alpha waves in comparison with individuals who abstain from meditation. Alpha waves are responsible for the observable relaxation of the body since the alteration of brain activity affects the nervous system, which controls various body functions (Simpkins and Annellen 265).

Brain waves initiate various psychological changes that promote proper regulation of glands and organs within the body. Although alpha waves are the most commonly produced brain waves in diverse forms of meditation, other brain waves such as the Gamma, delta and theta waves also significantly alters an individual’s level of consciousness. Lately, the number of scientific studies that substantiate the assertions on the role of meditation in the restoration of physical and mental health has been increasing. Evaluation of signs and symptoms of individuals suffering from disorders such as anxiety, depression and high blood pressure illustrates that those who practice meditation experience significantly mild effects of the disorders in comparison to patients who do not practice meditation (Wright and Ravinder 20). Other mental illnesses that meditation helps to treat include insomnia and migraines.

Apart from promoting the relaxation of the body and heightening one’s awareness, meditation helps to improve an individual’s emotional balance and memory. The combined impacts of meditation facilitate satisfaction in life and help people to approach life challenges with a great aspect of equanimity. Thus, mental illnesses, which mostly develop due to various socioeconomic factors, decline significantly in populations where the practice of meditation is prevalent.



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