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«Methods of Selecting the Arbitrators»

In FMCS the arbitrators apply through the office of the organization of arbitration services that forwards the name of interested parties to the board of FMCS which ascertains that the individual has met all criteria spelt by the laws of FMCS and then forwards the names to the director for approval upon being satisfied with the decision of the board. AAA offers administrative support to arbitrators, but in case parties to a dispute do not agree on an administrator, AAA can use its own arbitrators who are chosen according to their expertise in various labor fields (McGran, 2012).

The permanent arbitrators are highly advantageous over non-permanent arbitrators such as courts because of the below stipulated premises.

I. It is easy to keep the information confidential to only the parties in the disputes and the arbitrator, but in the courts, for instance, the public may have access to the information by attending to court proceedings that are open to public.

II. The arbitration process is normally faster as opposed to the use of litigation apparatus in dispute resolution.

III. The permanent arbitrators are the best for some matters that are a bit technical because they have a pool of experts from all the fields. In courts, for instance, a judge may not be conversant with all subjects’ matters of disputes and thus may be incompetent to a certain extent.

IV. Arbitration process by use of permanent arbitrators is normally faster and can be structured to accommodate all the parties to a dispute and thus is flexible to the parties in a dispute.

V. It is also relatively cheaper as compared, for instance, to the court process which is characterized by huge legal fees to cater for the lawyers.

Given the numerous advantages above, I would apparently prefer to exploit the permanent arbitrators, especially when it comes to the question of low cost, high flexibility, confidentiality, as well as handling of the technical aspects of the disputes (Lambert, 2009).



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