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«Motivation Letter»

During the past three years, I pursued a course in fashion business in the institute of Marangoni Milan in London. The emphasis of my studies was to understand the fundamental principles involved in fashion buying. In addition, I also learnt other related diverse topics such as business management, safety as well as business economies. This was meant to increase understanding of other factors related to fashion buying.

For this reason, I have decided to obtain a postgraduate diploma in order to arm myself with greater understanding of various academic principles that will enable me to have solid foundation in advancing my career. I believe that the theory gained in class coupled with my experience will stimulate my success. Therefore, higher studies create a room for gaining both theoretical and practical skills. Supplementing the fashion course with other topics made it very interesting. It acted as a major inspiration to my career as it focused on the ways of developing and maintaining business relationships with the clients.

Studying for a postgraduate diploma at this stage in my career is a decision that I have arrived at as I need to have wider skills and exposure to the business environment. Although I have gained some experience at my father’s fashion store in Russia atrium gallery, I believe I need to obtain more knowledge to manage the enterprise and take it to another level. This will only be possible after I have completed this course.

Over the next five years, I am aspiring for increased growth in my career in fashioning. The experience that I have gained in addition to the theoretical constructs gained in class will enable me to meet the needs of my clients. This will play a great role in expanding my fashion business. I believe, I will help my father to expand his business not only in Russia but also in London. Due to the dynamic nature of political, economical, and technological conditions around the globe, it is important to be equipped with full knowledge of these changes to provide a guaranteed survival of the business. I believe that obtaining a post-graduate degree diploma will provide the necessary knowledge for me to anticipate and adapt to the changing environment.

I am looking forward to your reply.



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