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«Nuclear Power»

Energy is a key issue in today’s day and age where the constant need for power is demonstrated by the highly technologically plugged world in which we live in. Nuclear power is the only sure way to get constant supply of power that the world needs and without a negative effect on environment.

The constant glut for power means that power stations and electricity generation has to be at the ready in every way. This means that new methods of electricity generation must constantly be devised to ensure that supply outweighs demand. Power has become one of the most essential and important ways and means of living. It is important that there is constant supply of power for domestic and industrial use since power is among the key drivers of an economy.

Nuclear power stations obviously have advantages and disadvantages. Advantages outweigh disadvantages by far. The main advantage is that the generation of electricity does not create any real form of air pollutants as is the case with heavy fuel oils and coal for example. However the creation of a power station is much more complex when this is a nuclear one as there is the risk of nuclear explosions and damage to superstructure and infrastructure which can cause disaster. However, as indicated initially the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages in the case of nuclear power stations.

Fuel or coal driven power stations are expensive to run and create havoc in terms of smoke and pollution. This is definitely a huge problem which is alleviated by nuclear energy. The other positive aspect regarding nuclear fired power stations is that there are no transport issues. Maximum output can be attained at a sheer fraction of the cost which is undergone by fuel driven power stations. So to sum up, the benefits of a nuclear fired power station far outweigh the disadvantages. This is true keeping in mind the environmental concerns of nuclear storage.



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