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«Overdue Wages, Claiming Labor Rights and Fired after Site Accident»

Overdue wages case

The plaintiff is in breach of contract. He did sign a limited contract with the company. The elapse of time is crucial in the determination of the case. The claim for the right of the plaintiff was to be within the one year. The labor law entitles the company to avoid payment of salary overdue, as this was a limited contract. It is advisable for the plaintiff to claim end of service gratuities. These are rightfully claimed at the end of the service to the company.  The plaintiff can only use fellow colleagues to testify in claiming end of contract gratuity. The claim of overdue wages will be in futility.

The claiming of labor rights

The company was in breach of the plaintiff contract. The absence from the company was due to un-law directive to look for another unavailable job elsewhere. The claimant is entitled to full salary for the time he was absent. This was no voluntary absenteeism from duty but compulsory absenteeism. The failure to report to the ministry of labor cannot entitle the company to fail to pay the dues in full. The directive to look for job elsewhere before elapse of the contract amounts to arbitrary dismissal of the complainant.

Fired after work-site accident

The termination of the complainant amounts to arbitrary dismissal. The worker compensation schemes in a company provides for coverage of medical expenses for the injured employee. The signing of the paper had no legal implication for the injured employee. The decision to coerce employee to sign documents to avoid legal liability is deemed illegal.

Considering the above facts, the company is not entitled to avoid payment of medical treatment. The complainant did not waive his right to medical treatment by signing the paper. The signing has no legal obligation on the side of the complainant. The company has no legal right to terminate your contract forthwith. 



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