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«People Over 65 and Sexuality»

1. Sex after 65 is connected with some objective difficulties. First, far not all positions are available. I think people in this age, unlike most young people cannot afford themselves to use dangerous, unstable positions or just move to fast. It could cause high blood pressure, loss of balance and even become a reason for serious injures. However, elder people are much more experienced, and that compensates any other limitations.

2. In my opinion, people over 65 do not feel themselves different from people of other age groups. The age is not so important, as for me. The much more crucial things are emotional and psychological condition and the state of health.

3. The main physiological problems, older people face are the partner's poor health or just a lack of a partner. Another possible problems are:

  • Decreasing hormone levels;
  • Poor quality of erection;
  • Diminishing level of testosterone;
  • Sexual organs atrophy;
  • Delay in maintaining and achieving an erection;
  • Loss dimensions of breast tissue;
  • Lower elasticity of breast;
  • Functional limitation of the cardiovascular system.

4. Psychological factors that may affect the sexual activity of older people are delirium, infirmities and physical fatigue, depression, disturbed relationship, dementia, delusional disorders, poor psychological health. It all could be a reason for limitation or a failure of regular sexual life.

5. Such social factors as low standard of living and unstable economic situation in general could have a reflection on a sexual life. Economic worries are one of the main reasons of depression and the subsequent decline in sexual activity. Ageism that is prevalent in U.S. and the most Western world consider any sexual behavior in old age as an inappropriate, abnormal or repugnant. People over 65 have to get used not only to the decline in physical attractiveness attributes and sexual potency, but to pressure of public opinion which condemns them within it.



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