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Radicalism in politics cannot be defined accurately due to the diverse nature of the term. However, the term has been used to define people based on their lobby and agitations or the principles shaped by the society. In the last half decade, several radical politicians have come out to defend or lobby for social issues and stance (Brands, Breen and Williams 323). John Lilburne is one of the radical leaders in England who fought for the two main issues in the society, namely religious freedom and consent of the governed. His argument was to empower citizens to religious freedom and the need for representation in the national parliament. He even refused to take salary and swore an oath of allegiance to the church. The argument and stance ensured that he did not achieve his objectives, and this led to his arrest several times. There are several great politicians, namely Nelson Mandela and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a South African radical politician who achieved success and became the first black president at the end of the apartheid era, which was marked by serious challenges in terms of discrimination. The politician was against discrimination based on color and gender (Brands, Breen and Williams 256). The liberation of the blacks against the apartheid system was the major achievement of Mandela. Despite struggling for freedom for over fifteen years, he took the helm of leadership and managed to lead for one single term despite lobbying from the party for him to go for a second term. He managed to address the issues of discrimination and led to harmony in the country. His success propelled him to the international status. Currently, he is the most celebrated African leader because of his personal achievement. The reason for the selection of Mandela is purely based on the success he brought into the country by ending the dangers of seclusion and discrimination (Foner 114). He is described as a selfless leader by virtue that after ascending to power, he refused to stick to it like all the other African leaders but decided to leave it after fighting for a long time. Such exemplary behaviors cannot be overlooked, because they define a radical and good leader.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt is one of the most prominent American presidents of the 19th century who worked for more than two terms. He is the only president who worked for more than two terms. However, the main reason for choosing Roosevelt is based on the hardships and the political work that led to his rise to become the 32nd president (Bradburn 23). In fact, it was not an easy road owing to the fact that he experienced several lows from losing his deputy president bid to re-strategizing and coming up with a winning formula that propelled him to presidency. Despite success in the political sphere, Roosevelt failed in his marriage because of affairs, but he never divorced because of family influence. Roosevelt made history by becoming the first president to hold the presidency for four terms, which was not common with America including the current setup (Smith 123). The World War encouraged the development of new concepts or protection of countries and developed the necessary support for Roosevelt to win elections in the US. However, Roosevelt did not achieve success in the development of the country, because there were attacks from the other countries creating the need to defend others than create a successful economy. He is a model in politics because of his success in winning four elections in a row, which made him a successful politician. 



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