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«Poverty In China»

China is battling the United States of America as the most powerful economies in the world. This is fantastic news on the international scene. However, there are questions about the plight of the Chinese people who languish in uttermost poverty despite the country’s flourishing economy. There are issues that need to be investigated. They concern the lives of Chinese men and women who only hear about the nation’s elevated status on the globe in spite of their suffering. I intend to examine briefly some causes of China’s poverty.

Firstly, china is the most populous nation in the world. It seems the government of China cannot effectively plan to avail some of the sheer basic needs to significant numbers of its population. Although china’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is almost the same as that of Japan, its demographic figure is about twice that of its neighbor (The Student Room, “Why is there still poverty in China”).

Besides that, the unbelievable inequality exists in wealth distribution among the Chinese people. The few elite who dwell in urban centers own almost everything. The other ordinary Chinese people, who live in rural areas, live below 1 dollar per day. This is hugely immoral and unacceptable. Some few elite people have amassed excessive wealth at the expense of the other members of the society. The wealthy keep getting richer whereas the poor people’s status continues to deteriorate. Though people still believe that China is a communist country, that concept seems to have ceased long ago. It is only the poor who live the communal way, the rich are totally capitalistic (Tobin, 2011).

There has also been massive environmental degradation. This has left most China’s land agriculturally unproductive. Farming used to be the main economic activity of the rural dwellers, however it seems now that there is no viable activity that could uplift the people’s living conditions.

Cases of unchecked corruption appear to frustrate people’s only hope: state resources. A lot of state money ends up into some few bureaucratic people’s pockets that have serious influence in government. This means the funds for development projects in the affected areas never get to those places.

Poor education policies have taken a toll on the rural people’s lives. Young, uneducated Chinese people cannot get jobs. This makes an additional woe to their plight. Infrastructure is also poor. Therefore, no substantial economic activity takes place in those areas.

Frank, china is just one of the countries where justice exists for a few. The majority who remain poor have no say about the affairs of the nation. They only face consequences resulting from inappropriate policymaking and the lack of willingness by the elite to embrace communal prosperity.



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