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«Problem Solving»

Problem solving is sometimes quite a difficult task bearing in mind that the approach to a problem determines its outcome. For the problem to be solved, it is wise to first identify the cause of the problem and its key elements. This gives one the direction on how to deal with the problem and come up with a lasting solution. Problem identification starts with gathering information on what happened during the whole process. The information is then organized in a list and tries to determine the possible cause of the problem. This is possible through studying the key elements the problem has (Malouff, 2012). Moreover, this saves time and helps one to start focusing on the possible solution to overcome the problem. In my place of work, I have encountered problems and problem identification becomes my first step in dealing with that problem. This eases the burden in solving that problem as it is difficult to solve a problem if its cause is not identified.

Involving an expert in solving a problem aids in problem solving. Once the problem is identified, it is easier to approach people who have the knowledge and skills concerning the problem and its solution (Malouff, 2012). This is evident in the medical field where the patient identifies a health condition and refers to the doctor for the treatment. I have also witnessed this in most of the manufacturing companies where an on-line processing problem is identified. The company seeks help from engineers who solve the problem. Some strategies are used as the starting point in solving the problem. For instance, guessing a solution may be seen as the problem breakthrough. However, this depends on the scope of the problem because some of them are sensitive and try and error methods are not applicable. For instance, in the medical field, one should not expect a doctor to guess on what medication to administer to a patient. In such a case, guessing may lead to more complications or even death of the patient. Therefore, such a strategy depends on the scope and nature of the problem. In my place of work, I have not used this strategy because I do not believe in try and error methods of problem solving.



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