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«Religion in Los Angeles»

In Los Angeles, more than 50% of the population is affiliated with a religious group (Jones et al.). As a result of belonging to a religion, the area has various observable features that are linked to faith and convictions. Some of the aforementioned features include drawings, buildings, and religious statues. Moreover, the behavior of individuals can be observed to indicate their faith and religious affiliation. For instance, Muslims rarely engage in financial and social activities on Fridays as they dedicate a day to conduct their religious worship ceremonies. Another example of religious habits is that Christians, particularly the Roman Catholics, carry the Holy Rosary as a sign of their faith.

One notable religious sign in Los Angeles is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The building is located near the Concert Hall of the Walt Disney Company. It is not only a spiritual place but also an architectural masterpiece. The Cathedral stands over 300 feet long, with an internal height reaching up to 100 feet on the east and 80 feet on west of the holy altar. Moreover, the building has an amazing bell tower detached from the main church, which is constructed in classic Italian tradition. The design of the seats inside the Cathedral is remarkable, as they offer comfort to the worshipers and splendor to lovers of art and architecture (Richard).

Following the destruction of the first Cathedral of Our Lady by an earthquake, the restored building is fitted with the best earthquake safeguards to prevent any possibility of a similar catastrophe (Saint). In regards to lighting in the building, the Cathedral receives sufficient amount of sun through the constructed high windows created from Spanish alabaster. Moreover, a slightly inclined ambulatory is establishes by the entrance near the altar that is magnificently filled with light.

Another significant sign of faith is a beautiful statue of Virgin Mary, which is placed in the visible part of the Cathedral and located over the entrance into the building. The Cathedral has bronze doors that are decorated with symbolic religious and cultural images. For instance, the inner doors contain the 40 famous ancient symbols such as the griffin, dove, and the Chinese turtle (Haslam 4). In addition to the symbols, the bronze doors are filled with mystical numbers of the Christian faith, which include number three that represents the Trinity, seven that represents the perfect number, and four as an indication of the Gospels in the Bible.

Apart from gorgeous decorative elements, the Cathedral has practical feature. In fact, the building has a well designated area for baptism. The zone is built to accommodate a dozen of the congregation in their baptism services, or a few immediate family members who witness fellow brethren being baptized. Despite the limited space in the section, one can be able to view the entire process from the regular mass rows if he/she faces the baptism area. The created mini fountain section is decorated with a background displaying artistic baptism to grace the occasions (Saint).

The Cathedral has several hall stairs. Individuals who purchase burial plots on the Cathedral territory have their names engraved on the slabs of such halls. Moreover, they are served with well-constructed designated burial places upon their death. Then they are buried in the mausoleum located beneath the Cathedral. Last respect sermons and prayers of believers are carried out inside the building.

The financial aspect of religion is also present in the Cathedral. The church has a gift shop with the selection of religious components and souvenirs. Amulets and praying rosaries are also among the items sold in the gift shop. Additionally, one can become closer to God and uplift his/her religious knowledge by purchasing in the shop reading materials that contain religious teachings and inspirational books.

The last important feature of the Cathedral is the images of holy relics that are placed on the walls (Haslam 4). Worshippers pray near the pictures which have lit candles according to the doctrines of Catholic faith. The wall on the east side is adorned with seven altar tapestries that show a representation of the Los Angeles map. Also, the tapestries are made with a quote borrowed from the book of Revelation.



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