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«RN Interview Assignment»

The interview paper features Stacy Johnson a registered nurse (RN) from Boston, MA. She is a registered nurse in the field of in psychiatric and mental health nursing.

Educational preparation

Her educational background started with a healthcare diploma at the MGH Institute of Health Professions School of nursing between 2002 and 2007. She then advanced her studies and took up a degree in Nursing and has Honors from the MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing between 2004 and 2007. After Stacy finishing her studies, she took up the nursing examination and she is registered with the Nursing Council. Her courses specifically laid emphasis on Healthcare Delivery Models, Family and Community Nursing, Professional Nursing Synthesis Theory, Clinical and Chemical Therapeutics, Nursing Health Assessment, Biophysical and Psychosocial Pathology, Human Physiology and Anatomy, Statistics, and Nursing Research.

Work history

Her work history is one that is rich and she started as a Student Nurse with clinical rotations in Boston Medical Center. She worked under the supervision of a registered nurse who specialized on the provision of bedside care, coupled with the treatment and maintenance of clinical documentations for the patients on oncology, cardiac, and the hospital’s medical-surgical sections. This is the time at which she offered and facilitated medical administration, dressing of wounds and changes, IVs removal, and all the essential aspects of nursing. At the same time, she facilitated the admissions, transfers and discharges and prepared all chart notes and documentations that facilitated the same. This is the time that she also participated in the interdisciplinary team and learnt the essentials in disciplinary.

Her second experience as a registered nurse was at Massachusetts General Hospital where she was working as an RN. She served here in the mental health unit and she took a key role as part of the hospitals inter-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, the registered nurses, social workers, and nursing assistants. At the same time, she took active participation in the development and the implementation of personal plans for treatment for those patients with diverse mental health problems. She also made sure that the orders given by doctors underwent effective implementation and this included testing and medical procedures, and consultations.

Current responsibilities and specific skill set

The RN’s current responsibilities include giving care to those patients who suffer from acute and terminal illness and diseases. She is also responsible for the administration of drugs, medications, and injections to patients. In addition, she takes part in treatment of patients with respect and dignity and giving attention to the needs of the patients. She is also responsible for allocation of patients and prioritization of workload as per their urgency. She is responsible for the maintenance of high clinical standards and ensuring that the hospital has a high level of quality care delivery. As part of the hospitals need for corporate social responsibility, she works with communities in outreach programmes. She also provides information and emotional support and encouragement to relatives and patients.

What is the RN's field of expertise?

Stacy has specialized in psychiatric and mental health nursing. She has developed strong psychiatric evaluation and treatment skills at Massachusetts General Hospital with researchers from Harvard Medical School. In addition, hers field of expertise extends to psychotropic medical administration, training and management.

Has his/her perception of nursing changed over time?

Stacy’s views on nursing have not changed over time but have developed. In addition, this remains attributed to the fact that the perception about nurses and what they can do has significantly changed as the field develops and adopts modern healthcare practices.

How did she develop the skill set needed for his /her current position?

The skills that are relevant to the current position have developed since the time she worked as a nursing intern to the time she became a registered nurse. Stacy was among the five student nurses that were admitted into the internship program after a rigorous process of selection. As a student nurse, she was part of the team that helped to refine policies and procedures that related to areas safety methods, documentation and discharge planning. At the same time, during this internship period, she participated in the management of volatile situation and violent outbreaks which earned her respect among her fellow employees. She took up a training programme in team building, leadership and management of psychiatric and mental problems.

Part Two Reflection

With the interview of Stacy Johnson, one can realize that nursing requires zeal and determination to survive in an ever-changing 21st century.  Some of the things that have worked will relate to the manner in which matters in nursing have evolved so as to take into consideration needs of the present medical field. Though some aspects may not change, the field has grown and Nurses ought to grow with the field so as to take the situation with more vigor than ever before.

In addition, the benefits that emanate from specialization in different files of nursing are essential in preparing the nurses to take up challenges more easily. This is what that Stacy held up to so as to take up on mental health care as a field of interest. More particularly, specialization enables RNs to focus on the development of essential nursing methods and procedures since the adoption of nursing research into the field. Finally, specialization is essential in assisting further developments in nursing research and facilitates the identification of proper methods of health care delivery. 



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