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«Roger and Me»

The political aspects of life are there in traces and large amounts in our daily life spectra, one just has to look clearly in order to see the politics of life. In the movie Roger and Me by Thomas Moore, the award winning director, actor and producer of the documentary shows the effects that the closing of General Motors had on the citizens of Flint, Michigan State. The scene with Moore asking for a drink from a waitress, shows the irony that for the communists, there are only 2 options but capitalists get a wide choice-everywhere.

Smith made a decision to let go of America’s biggest manufacturing employer, General Motors (GM), thereby rendering 30 000 people jobless and up to 80 000 currently. The scene with the lady being evicted at Christmas time while Smith is making his Christmas speech shows that life does not stop on account of one’s misfortunes. One may argue that her case is invalid because she was not a GM employee but the fact is the cut back affected the whole of Flint and Michigan as a whole and consequently the rest of America.

The movie shows that there is no such thing as ‘job security’, this comes from the fact that GM closed down and outsourced to Mexico yet the firm was nowhere near bankruptcy. The politics shown here is the fact that the shareholders and leaders of the firm are the ones who stand to gain, not the employee. In closing down GM, Smith did not consider the effects and after effects of his actions, this movie shows disgruntled, unhappy and hurt citizens since GM was the main source of provision.

In conclusion, Roger and Me manages to display that most companies run for profit and not the employees’ welfare. Communists are bound to argue this point but the capitalists will always find a way of covering their tracks and hiding behind the people.



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