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«The Cloud World Forum»

With the growing popularity of the cloud computing and its value for MIS in diverse businesses, the 3rd Annual Cloud World Forum MENA 2013 has drawn attention of many senior enterprise representatives. The event has taken place in Dubai on 26th-27th March 2013, featuring mostly the Middle East – North Africa regional activities with regard to the telco and enterprise cloud computing. The Enterprise Cloud section has covered a number of the latest case studies of the new business applications benefitting from being migrated into the cloud environment. The cloud security was one of the most popular topics on the Forum as the cloud solutions’ providers presented their new approaches on the issue. They have covered both technical and regulatory cloud security aspects with the particular emphasis on the cloud’s adoption by geographically distributed multi-national companies. In addition, the multiple advantages of a private cloud were explored in relation with the growing businesses’ demand.

The Telco section has explored a number of cloud challenges under the heading of a generic business case aimed at launching the cloud telco service. In particular, the infrastructure transformations necessary to migrate into the cloud environment were addressed from multiple business perspectives. A specific case study has presented the cutting-edge cloud computing application for airline needs. This solution enables the in-flight WiFi connectivity and mobile phones’ use, pushing the scope of telco services into new areas. Apparently, the cloud approach prompts the telco business to become a fully-fledged IT solutions provider as opposed to the traditional telco-only services. Owning the vast connectivity resources and building upon the existing customer base, the telcos are perfectly positioned to expand rapidly into the most comprehensive cloud systems. Finally, the Telco section has addressed the PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud solutions as indispensable parts of a successful telco provider in the new technological environment.



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