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«The Paradox of Choice»

The book, the paradox of choice by Barry Schwartz was written with the objective to show how human nature makes people pick unsatisfactory choices when they are offered with a variety of choices to pick from.  The book shows how presenting human beings with too many options results in decision making paralysis. The author of the book proposes that people should be limited on the choices they are offered lest they might get confused and pick choices they are doubtful about.

2. Why did you choose to review this particular book?

The book offers the solution to a problem many people face unknowingly. Decision making paralysis is a problem many face in their everyday life. Often, we find ourselves stuck between choices that we have to make. Barry actually indicates that people are less likely to make a choice when they are faced by many options to choose from. This is a common problem caused by mans human nature and getting over this is important. Choice paralysis is real and the book tries to give readers the answer to being satisficers as opposed to maximizers. This means people should settle for a choice that is good enough rather than exhaustively searching for the options in search of the best choice. This, he claims, not only wastes the consumers’ energy and time, but it also lives the consumers with more doubts. This means, eventually, consumers who chose to be maximizers end up with choices they do not fully consider the best and they always have doubt.

3. Analysis

The communication throughout the book is simple, clear and concise.  The author deals with realistic situations that we face in our day to day living. He focuses on the 401K example where numerous people could not make up their minds even at the risk of losing out on the free money. This shows how human beings become overwhelmed when faced by numerous decisions. It is all about the opportunity cost, which means, the foregone price of choosing one object instead of another human being are constantly plagued by doubts of what if the other choice was better.

4. Summary

Although the author has n a compelling argument as to why people should go for just good enough choices. It is my opinion that this should not be the case at all. People strive to be the give best and sub standard choices will limit the human potential to achieve or reach full productivity.

I would highly recommend the book to other readers. However, the content of the book should not be taken blindly. The book is just a way to help people understand the dilemma they face when making decisions.

The author’s conclusion and recommendations make the book weak. In my opinion, he is encouraging people to be complacent with just good enough, which should not be the case. This is one aspect that makes the book weak in terms of advice. Personally, I would not follow this advice but knowledge is power, and getting o tread the book has given me a greater understanding of the choice paralysis I experience whenever I am faced with an array of choices.

The book was mainly intended to show how decision making can cause clinical depression in individuals. Although Barry proved this theory true through examples, it does not mean that all clinically depressed patients got sick because of decision making paralysis. Therefore, his conclusion should not be taken to be entirely true, rather they are one mans opinion. 



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