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«Thesis Proposal»

The textile and fashion industry is very different from what it used to be in the past. The demands for the constantly changing trends grow immensely and this has a significant effect on the global market. “The industry consists of three sections such as clothing manufacturing, fashion design, and customer service”. The aim of the project is to understand the nature of textile and fashion, as well as to project the production strategies in terms of the buying behavior on the example of Globus Companies (Morin, 1999).

The way people look place a significant role in the lifestyle of the masses of the digital age. The constant changes in consumption of “textile, various fabrics trends, trustworthiness of the brand companies in the industry and finally the easy-going and sociable client servicing” has a huge effect on the value of the whole textile manufacturing. The Globus Companies is one of the segments of the market in the textile and fashion industry that projects expectations of the clients all over the world (Anderson, 2007).

The project offers to understand the distinctions of customers on the example of the Globus Companies. By means of applying different production strategies, it is possible to evaluate the process of customer purchase decisions on the international market. “Every manufacturing could be successful in business only in case of addressing the base of retailing, digital innovations along with the efficient supply chain management”. The high quality of goods and / or services could help the Globus Companies attract new customers to their fashion stores and to the whole textile industry (Sollow, 2007).

In the fashion industry, it is important to understand the purchase behavior of the customer. The Globus Companies could help to predict various purchase behavior and personal needs by evaluating the most important areas of the trends in decision-making of the fashion apparel. Thus, every part of the project will cover the innovations in the textile and fashion industry in terms of creativity, personal approach, and responsive customer care techniques. The strategy will discourse the “friendliness and innovations framework, appropriate industry and trends education, textile capitals, client support capacity and management” (Maddison, 2001).

The project can help to analyze the most recent industry trends and examine them on the example of Globus Companies. Such a purchase behavior strategy could help to “envision the fashion challenges for the global market” and Globus, in particular. It will also find the opportunities for the textile sector to improve its manufacturing business and the global fashion strategy (Carbonaro and Votava, 2008).



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