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Tolerance is a willingness to accept something or somebody’s opinions that a person may not agree with. It involves respecting others or rules regardless of what they are. It normally involves endurance and perseverance. The following examples of my experience will interpret the notion of tolerance.

I was admitted to members of the church in a secondary school. It was a rule for every student to follow its doctrines and beliefs. We went to church every morning and evening. Every student was to participate in the church activities. It was difficult to practice some of their beliefs, such as memorizing their prayers, but I endured till the end. Just like any other law, I had to love and obey the rule and practice it. I knew that I did not have to agree with other people’s beliefs but had to tolerate and appreciate them.

Another instance that I have practiced tolerance was when we went in a one-week camp and were put in pairs. Each pair was to share basic necessities including a tent. Any task given was to be done by the pairs, and we were to walk in pairs. It was made in a way that no one was to walk or do anything alone. Unfortunately, my partner was a drug addict. He used all sorts of drugs that I had no idea what their names were. He carried them in his hand bag whenever we went. In addition, he had a very powerful perfume. He could spray it every time he wanted to use drugs. I guess this was to neutralize the smell of the drug. The mixture, i.e. perfume smell and drug smell, was pathetic. It could at times make me vomit! The camp was only for one week, during which I tolerated his acts.

To draw a conclusion, not every person we meet has the qualities and behavior we desire, but we have to tolerate them.  



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