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«The Nineteenth Century 1780-1900 Project»

During the Victorian era, women had no right to choose the life they wanted; they had only one aim in their lives – to be good wives and raise their children. Women were supposed to be virgins before marriage, and those who did not stick to this rule were considered to be fallen. Women of that time were not happy because they had limited opportunities to study, and when a woman got married, she could not manage her funds as everything was in the possession of her husband (Nickson).

One of the greatest examples of Victorian era writings about women is the novel Tess of the d’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. In the book, Hardy shows the disregard of community for the woman, who became pregnant before marriage (she was raped). In a lot of his works, he demonstrates that women can be strong personalities and they should not be treated as inferior to men. The author thinks that innocent and sensitive women do not deserve the treatment they get. With his writings, Hardy shows that men have to respect women, and he himself treated all his female relatives and two wives with great respect (Hartl).

Anne Brontë is also a writer of the Victorian era. She wrote only two books such as Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, though they are the prominent examples of literary work. In the first book, Brontë portrays the life of a governess, which she herself experienced. In the second book, one can find the scenes of domestic violence, brutal attitude of the husband towards his wife, and the inability of a woman to do something against it. The main heroine earned some money by painting, though it was a taboo at that time because women with some position in society were not supposed to work (Armitage).

The Victorian era was marked by the unfair treatment of women and their lack of rights. These main themes were investigated by different English authors who presented them in the form of poems and novels.



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