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«BPM and Customer Satisfaction»

Aims for customer satisfaction include ensuring that all employees can achieve set standards of their work and these standards are effectively addressed through a clear procedure. It also ensures that all the employees achieve a satisfactory level of performance. Therefore, to allow the consumers to enjoy a satisfactory amount of work or service, it is necessary to take the following procedures into consideration.

Setting performance standards, employees have a responsibility to meet an acceptable number of performances when they are working. Employers should also set a realistic standard of performance that is achievable by their workers. Employees also should understand what those goals mean and imply them for their business. Standards are a mark of quality for any business and especially for Emirates Airlines. Therefore, the company should discuss any cases immediately, as soon as they emerge and provide appropriate solutions, where necessary (Hill 2006).

Individual development and review

The airline has established a personal review process for its employees on an annual basis. In this program, the airline gives new employees the appropriate training and achievable targets. Employer in this case is satisfied that his/her employees reach the expected target levels. This program enables the airline to continually evaluate its employees and in return get to know that its clients are satisfied.

Regular meetings with the airline’s management and employees should be conducted openly to keep communication flowing in all levels of management. It also helps improve interaction with the workers. The meetings are done at various levels of business. Line or level managers meet with their employees to discuss their performance and business issues, where also the discussed performance issues raised at these meetings set an example for other employees. However, in situations wherever there is underperformance, such matters should be handled promptly (Hlupic 2003).

Employees need to be put on a challenge. Challenges are proven scientifically to exercise the brain. The right challenges allow the employees to have the ability to learn new things. It is from the challenges that the innovations are made, therefore, a means of better performance.

In order to advance performance of workers, there should be a reward mechanism by their employers. Rewarding and recognizing efforts of employees makes them feel they are important to the business, especially when they meet the performance goals.

The goal for any business is customer satisfaction, hence laying of emphasis on employees since they are in contact with customers of the business. Trained employees are able to deliver quality services to their customers and ultimately, the customers are satisfied with the services offered.

Practice Patterns in Emirates Airline

Among the best practices done at Emirates Airline is the online booking system made at their website. This major improvement has enabled easy and convenient access of services and goods offered at the airline. The airline should expand its website to include all goods and services that the airline has. It should include job opportunities, taxi-booking services, goods sold at the airport, maps and directories. As a national airline, it should have information on goods and services offered in Dubai, like hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, hospitals, and maps. It will help travelers, who visit the country for the first time (Hlupic 2003).

Another practice made by Emirates Airline is visualization of former business activities. By visualization, the company comes up with new ways of improving those businesses to suit the current needs of its customers. It is in realizing the urgent and current needs of customers that the company reaches consumer satisfaction. As a publicly provided means of transport, the airline needs to maintain and attract as many clients as possible. The primary goal for the airline is to surpass the performance level of competitor private airlines. It is through surpassing the expectations of consumers (Hill 2006).

Priority needs of consumers are timeliness, comfort, quality goods and services, and low cost. The airline has an advantage over private airlines because it is a public one. Therefore, exceeding expectations of consumers is not hard for the airline. The airline should set constant or stable prices so that clients have firm expectations and performance in cases, where fuel prices fluctuate.

It is a recommendable work that the airline tracks its performance through occasional surveys. Besides, the airline tracks and learns about consumer needs and behaviors. It allows a business to make appropriate value propositions (Jacka 2013). For a business to be at par with current and urgent needs of consumers, it needs to put more resources and workforce for surveys. Technology and consumer behavior change, therefore, the airline should keep up with changing trends of behavior.


Business process management allows any business to stay afloat with changing times and technology. BPM allows Emirates Airline to reach its goals within a given period. With BPM Emirates Airline has achieved enormous profits within a short time. It has increased the quality of its products and their quantity, and most importantly, it has an advantage over its competitors.

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However, the airline has more to work on, especially on its employees. BPM advocates for reduced working hours for all employees. The airline needs to employ more staff and provide more incentives for them like health insurance or increased wages. It improves their morale to work and they tend to stay in the business.

The airline also needs to reduce its airfares or keep them stable against fuel price fluctuations. It is the major challenge that the airline needs to work on because it gives its competitors advantage. The company should also keep up with changing times, consumer behavior and needs.



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