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«A Letter to a Friend»

Dearest friend, how are you doing? It has been long time since we talked. The last time we talked I was working as religion ambassador. However, I am writing to tell you I have also abandoned the old religion and I am a converted man. I believe in Allah. It was after a sacrifice to the gods, Anas, which I hurried home to prepare for the rest of the day, market day. The day that many people gather to sell, buy and talk over the happening from different regions. It meant so much to our community and me. I had to go there and enforce the religion among my people as per my duties. Additionally, it is only in that market I could meet my friends; uncle and his friends who we can drink wine together and later I can find a woman for one night. I had to take a hurried bath and be quick to the market before it flooded.

In the market, I came to learn of this prophet Mohammed who is converting people to Muslim and he even prayed for my uncle and me to his god so that we may be converted. It was my fellow ambassador who had been converted hinted me to it.

He said, “…stop being worried about those trading today. Worry of your future.”

I asked him “what do you mean. That is our work”.

He said, “There is new underground religion pal. Their prophet actually prayed for you. To be specific, he prayed for Abu Jahl Ibn Hishaam and you!”

“Stop! Can you stop it boy,” I shouted, “are you out of your mind. Have you abandoned your religion too?”

He laughed and said,” it`s better you worry about yourself and gods. You will be converted soon! Ponder over that pal.” He then left immediately.

I was left standing alone. People milled around and others were shouting the quality of their goods. I was thinking on what was wrong with the new religion, I felt nothing wrong with it in my heart but its growth rate was astonishing. The thought of this new religion made me feel a new being developing in me. However, a shout from an open yard drew me back to my real world.

“Son of Al Hishabat has abandoned his religion!”

The entire crowd run towards shouting direction making louder shouts that son of Al Hishabat has abandoned his religion. Son of Al Hishabat being referred to was the friend who had given me the hint of the prophet. I tried to push through the crowd to try to save him but all was lost. I got there when it was too late. He was beaten to death and it was hard to recognize his bloody disfigured structure. I held my childhood friend in my hand for a long time and I could not resisting tears coming down on my cheeks.” as my god Anas live, I will kill Mohammed,” I swore, “He will pay for my friend’s death. We have been killing people, yes. Nevertheless, my friend has died for nothing. He has died for a stranger with strange religion. I have to go and kill him. I vow with my religion he will die today. I will travel all the distance to meet him. “

With that, I rose and started my journey to Mohammed place. A long the way, I could not notice even when people greeted me. All the same, it was on a path for one person I met a man from Banu Zuhrun who noticed my speed and gave way. However, he asked where I was hurried to and I angrily responded that I had to kill Mohammed. He reminded me killing is not the answer and it will only make me exposed to judgment. He replied that even my sister and her husband have already been converted. These were shocking news. How can it happen? When did it happen? Was this man trying to break my run to Mohammed or trying to cool me against the religion man? I have to proof it. I have to talk with them in person.

I half walked and run to save the time I had. When I reached there, my sister saw me earlier and told Khabbabb to hide in the bedroom or else I will kill all of them. I knocked the door and did not wait for the response. I stormed in and roared what were they thinking they are doing by converting religion. I said, “You are tarnishing our family name. The name that has been praise in history and used as example to other families on matters over our community”

My brother in law could not hold it any longer. He started an argument. He said that truth was in other faith other than what our community believes in. It worked me up and I found myself hitting him very hard with the blunt side of the sword. My sister rose to rescue him from me and I smack her face hard, which made her to bleed. With anger, she shouted that I always act outside of my real self, she said the truth is in some other religion other than mine and she started testifying on how Allah is the true living God. She said as if reading from a script,” Mohamed was only a messenger or prophet of Allah”

I demanded to read her script and she refused saying that I was not supposed to touch it unless I am purified or had an ablution. With much frustration and eager to read Mohammed’s contagious document, I took a hurried ablution and read the script. It had words from Allah scribbled on it saying “Verily, I am Allah: there is no God but I: so serve though me (only) and establish regular prayers for establishing regular prayers for celebrating my praise.” I paused for a while. Then, I said, “I may like to see Mohammed. I realize there is no any other God but Allah.” This flushed Khabbabb out of his hiding place.

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My sister, her husband, and Kabbabb rejoiced and took me to Mohammed, who was happy that I have joined them. After becoming part of Muslim, I have to acquire freedom for my religion and I began by proclaiming to the elites of our society like my uncle. After Muslims had gained freedom to even pray, I thought it was wise I left that region to go and settle at Ka`bah.

Currently, I am writing to tell you that Allah is God and he is real.



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