«I Am Like a Rock Climbing Rop» - Great Essay Sample

«I Am Like a Rock Climbing Rop»

If you were to compare yourself with an object, what would it be? Every person can name something that resembles the features of his or her personality. We all have unique characters, preferences and views. Therefore, there are different objects people can compare themselves with and even find a lot in common. The objects with their own unique characteristics have much in common with the distinct people’s characters. There exists a thought that we can better understand ourselves by looking at the object we associate ourselves with. Thus, everyone can be identified in one or another way.

I have chosen a rock climbing rope for my self-definition by an object. Adventures, risk and new experience have always impressed and attracted me. I like to be involved in the new activities and try to be creative while engaging in them. For example, while hiking, I like to take a risk and enjoy it. Talking about myself as a real adventurer, I can say that I am a traveler who dares to risk. I enjoy breathtaking events that make me face new challenges every single day of my life. I do not like to sit still and always try to meet new perspectives with an open heart and a smile. I prefer to live for my own pleasure and travel a lot even if it is only a walk through the city.

Moreover, I like a slight feeling of physical danger because of my affinity to rock climbing. I am always ready to go ahead and find out something new. Therefore, rock climbing is the most suitable activity for me that can reveal my character in the best possible way. Rock climbing rope resembles my own behavior, as I am as flexible as my rope. I like physical and mental tests on strength, and the rope is tested in the same way.

I like to scale new heights and I am inclined to embody new and daring ideas. My goals are like the peaks, and I am willing to reach them. When I see a target, I put together all my efforts and try to find the easiest and the most successful way to reach it. I enjoy the security of connection with the rope and, therefore, I try to predict the success or failing of a project, I am willing to start. Having the heart of an adventurer, I am a pragmatic person, who likes to analyze the situation. When the situation is not stable, I check the possibilities and options in order to achieve positive results.

Having an adventurous spirit, I do not take a chance on fortune and always try to predict the situation. While searching for exciting or unusual experiences I am always creative. It is also very important for me to be prepared to any unexpected situation that may occur. The same thing is when I perform a certain task or a project. I need to be flexible and confident in the way I am doing things. That is why a climbing rope can be fully associated with me, because I am always teetering on the brink between the risk and safety.

To sum up, I would like to say that every person has a thing that illustrates his/her behavior or some features of his/her character in the best way. Rock climbing rope that I associate myself with is the best object that can convey my inner nature. Being a risky person, I try to predict the situation and never act heedlessly. Balancing between practicality and adventurousness, I always try to scale new heights and achieve positive results.



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