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«MSDS Policy»

Material safety data sheet (MSDS) refers to the instructions that explain clearly the chemical components of a given chemical substance; it also elucidates how such chemical substance should be handled by anybody who is using it, especially in the laboratory. These are vital safety measures, because there are chemicals that are very dangerous and such should be handled with utmost care and diligence because they could have adverse effect on user’s body, especially those substances that are carcinogenic. A lead lab trainer has to explain the material safety data sheet policy to the laboratory personnel, so that these people are aware of the chemical substances that they are dealing with (NIOSH, 2011).

If I were a lead lab trainer, I would start by explaining to personnel the importance of material safety data sheet policy; they have to appreciate the importance of it before they can use the instruction or a chemical substance for their own good. At this stage, it also can be explained to them exactly what this policy means, because it is a government document on the safety of the laboratories.

Secondly, lab workers can be provided with samples of MSDS and explained how to obtain crucial information about a given chemical product from these sheets.

Thirdly, it should be showed where to obtain these sheets while being in the library, so they can find them when need arises. MSDS can be in the laboratory or, being a lead lab trainer, I could provide them with an Internet link, and therefore, they can use these sheets virtually, in the case when the manufacturer did not supply MSDS.

Finally, the personnel have to be shown the first aid measures to be taken in case a lab worker comes into contact with a dangerous chemical. This is important, because the physician may want to know the constituents of a given chemical, so that he/she can prescribe the right medications in order to help a sufferer.



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