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«My American Dream»

To my way of thinking, everyone has a definite purpose in life. When we were kinds, we used to have 'small' dreams. Children usually dream of a new toy or a new dress. We are growing up and our desires, aspirations, and goals grow with us. One wants to solve the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle or to find the sunken Atlantis. Another is living to create a unique cure for a fatal disease, or the elixir of eternal youth, health and beauty. The third dreams of flying across the Universe and meeting with aliens.

Nevertheless, eventually, we all get older and begin to think about the future profession. Our aspirations become well defined and meaningful with time. Someone wants to become a genius in programming, specialist in computer technologies, make informational breakthrough, or create a sophisticated program, a task all the programmers have been struggling with . Someone wants to be a doctor, a famous surgeon to save people's lives every day. Others just want to grow the grain to feed all the hungry.

Definitely, all the goals mentioned above are rather high, and if the person decides to go for his dream, for sure, he will make a significant contribution to the well-being of humanity. It does not mean that we will see his name in History Book, but his life would be full of happiness, joy, and pleasure from helping other people. After all, if people could not imagine their future and set out clear objectives what would encourage them to be active and to enjoy the gift of life? To my viewpoint, life without a dream is colorless, bleak and just useless!

People are motivated by certain goals, desire to do something important. Everyone should have a dream. For sure, not everyone can easily define his dream. Often a dream is defined by the desire to achieve something great. These are the dreams that drive people to act. Moreover, dreams may become more clear and unambiguous in future, as a direct result of these actions. This is how I would define my dream.

I am not saying that I cannot imagine my future. I definitely can. In addition, my dream is to get an interesting profession. First of all, I dream to speak English perfectly and secondly, I wish to become a successful ultrasound technician.

My American dream started when I was 20. I emigrated from Salvador to the United States. I went to college; every day I communicated with my American friends, who spoke English very well. They helped me a lot in my desire to understand American culture, study its history, and of course, learn the language. I appreciate it a lot.

In today's global society, English plays a very important role. Firstly, it currently is the main international language, widely used in economics, politics, education, science, sports, culture, global society, and many institutions and companies, especially international ones. More than half of a billion people speak English. Many people from various countries all over the world study it. Almost all international conferences and competitions are held in English. English is the official language in the international organizations like NATO, UNESCO, etc. In addition, English is an important tool for international trade, scientific and technological cooperation, diplomacy and navigation. English is the language of the informational age. More than eighty percent of all information in approximately 150 million computers around the world is stored in English. Eighty-five percent of all international calls are made in English, as well as three-quarters of the global mail, telex and telegram. Instructions to computer programs and the programs themselves are often written in English only. More than half of the world's technical and scientific periodicals are published in English, which is also the language of medicine, electronics and space technology. Internet is unthinkable without English.

Moreover, if my dream is to become a famous ultrasound technician, I need to become fluent in English so that my level was close to the one of native speakers. After all, I will have to communicate with colleagues from other countries, and maybe hold international symposia, conferences, workshops and forums. Besides, all the latest and advanced publications can be found in magazines and newspapers in English. Moreover, even to get a Nobel Prize, one needs to know English.

In addition, for my future profession, I need to get a higher medical education, postgraduate training or passed specialization on "Ultrasound diagnosis." Ultrasound doctor should know the basics of country legislation on health care; legal documents regulating the activities of health institutions; and the basics for the organization of medical and preventive care in hospitals and outpatient clinics. In addition, he has to be familiar with organizational and economic basics for operating a health-care facility, as well as the basics of budgeting and health insurance. To continue, a good ultrasound doctor has to know all diagnosis of the functional state of organs and systems of the human organism, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, etc. Finally, he should be familiar with modern methods of ultrasound, the content and sections ultrasound as independent scientific and practical discipline problems, organization, structure, staffing and equipping service ultrasound, the existing regulatory and methodological documents on specialty; rules of medical records and the principles of planning and reporting service ultrasound, as well as methods and procedures for monitoring its activities.

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Knowledge is essential for my future profession. In addition, I often find myself thinking that I want something more than becoming an excellent professional. Sometimes I feel so much strength and energy that if I got a chance, I would have devoted myself completely to all areas of life. Still, I understand that I will need to decide what the main thing in my life is, and devote myself to the work, family, and the loved ones.

Moreover, considering the fact that I like to learn something new, I want to learn as much as I can to become an interesting person to talk to. My aim is to be useful in any situation waste no single second. Perhaps, someone might think that I am not serious, while watching me playing the guitar, and then suddenly putting it away to read the medical literature, master the basics of computer graphics or to help my father to repair any electrical appliance. One might think that I cannot decide on what to do with my life, and, therefore do everything and nothing at the same time.

Nevertheless, I have already made this vital decision in my life. Every day I want to learn something new and do not want to stop. Not sure if you can call it a dream in the usual meaning of this word, but I do not want to enter into any frameworks. My dream is to achieve perfection! People often smile when they hear a statement like that. This, however, does not stop me, and I will continue to word hard to reach my goal. The day I do not learn anything new or do not do something important, is useless for me, and a waste of time.

You have to dream big and strive to make your dream come true; this is how you can achieve your goals. In such a way, you will keep moving forward and become closer to your final goal every day. To put it simply, I set myself a goal and believe in the possibility of achieving it. Moreover, I do everything I can and even more. My goal is to move forward constantly, and continuously develop and improve myself and the world around!



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