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«My Philosophy of Life»

To begin with, my philosophy of life is straight in main principles and rules I follow. In this respect, it is not just a vision that is close to solely one philosophic trend. Conversely, my vision is made up of a symbiosis of different beliefs and philosophies. Hence, the main ideas of my philosophy of life are described in this paper which also explains how my views are interrelated. The main philosophical trends I follow are functionalism, naturalism, and pragmatism. This is why everything I do in life cannot fail to take into account what I believe is right according to the aforementioned philosophical views.

First of all, the functionalist theory of morality is one of the core ideas which I adhere to. It states that “moral position that right and wrong can be understood only in terms of their effect on anything’s natural function” (Soccio, 2009, p. 142). In this respect, each thing and every person has a particular mission on earth and I am not an exception. Following my prescribed and timely identified purposes, I make this life diverse and interesting, as I see. Thus, by having different functions, individuals keep up with the demands of time in order to be updated on what makes things trendy today. This is exactly what I am searching for. I am still trying to realize who I am even though I have some skills and habits that help me communicate well and do what I like to do. It makes me happy and satisfied as “happiness depends on conformity to our nature [function] as active beings” (Soccio, 2009, p. 142). Social activism is exactly what makes my vision always up to date. Furthermore, I disregard those people who think that somebody will help them reach their own place under the sun. It is up to everyone whether to move or to stay.

Secondly, I do believe that life is full of rules which in part coincide with some physical or mathematical rules of the universe. We are inseparable from the environment, which we were once placed in. Hence, another philosophic objective of mine is naturalism. As it was aforementioned, each person serves for his/her function in life. However, without perceiving personal belonging to the nature, it could be hard to find out a particular purpose in life. The reason why I follow this trend is that naturalism highlights an idea that everything complies with the fundamental laws of nature and cannot be understood somewhat supernaturally (Soccio, 2009). Thus, even with some little exclusion, the rules of nature cannot be ignored at all, and I warn everyone who tries to object this idea. This principle is a cornerstone for me. The same old rules are to be followed anyway. Otherwise, one can be caught in a terrible trap of danger and misery.

Thirdly, pragmatism is another vital philosophy for me. Basically, it is the leading trend in the Western philosophy. It was very essential for me to choose following this philosophy in order to be a way higher over the rest of my rivals. In particular, pragmatism “defines knowledge and truth in terms of practical consequences” (Soccio, 2009, p. 423). If something does not work, it is better to get rid of it as it is useless. I follow this rule because each action should bring a useful feedback and serve for one’s well-being. Pragmatism helps me avoid bad or undesired situations as I pay attention to my own past experience or that of other people. Each idea with a practical result is what I am seeking every day. I neglect empty thoughts or assumptions that are not proved in practice. Furthermore, an empirical grounding of all processes and facts makes me even stronger in persuasion.

In conclusion, all three philosophies stated above are a significant part of my philosophical mindset. Functionalism makes me find out the duty I should perform in my life. Naturalism reminds me of the rules I should take into consideration in order not to fail my mission. Pragmatism is a so-called evidence of a practical background of my ideas. All three trends make my life sound and full of happiness, even though somebody does not agree with it.



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