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«Particular Crisis»

There was this particular crisis in which I was called upon to intervene. It involved a woman who was so much addicted to gambling that she was literally draining away the family resources. So critical was the problem that her house was on the verge of being repossessed. It would not have been such a challenging task were it not for the fact that the woman, being white, was obdurately racist and did not take it kindly interacting with blacks like me at whatever level. But being the counseling expert in this area, it was my responsibility to address the woman’s problem.

I made various assumptions before approaching her. First, being a hopeless gambler, I assumed that she was possibly an alcohol and drug abuser. I also assumed that she had a psychological disorder that needed to be addressed. Most importantly, I knew she would reject my services outright now that I am black.

On the basis of these assumptions, it would be important to approach the crisis from an informal point of view. I would accomplish this by visiting the family as often as possible so as to create rapport with them. I would seek to assure the woman that I was out to secure and enhance her interests. I would strive to convince her that there was nothing wrong with gambling, only that she needed to put the interests of the family first.

Lastly, I would have to make her understand the importance of the family. There is nothing so important as to relegate the position of the family to second priority. I may also seek the help of a psychiatrist just in case the woman has some personality disorders. I believe after taking into account all these consideration, the woman would have seen the sense, or the absence of sense, in gambling.



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