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«Russian Cooperative is Located in Chicago»

Russian Cooperative is located in Chicago it is a big building an area of 2500 square feet. When I came there I found out the main entrance with two doors the in and out of the customers. Also on the left side I noticed the gas station. During my inspection I counted 15 employees, so I guess there are about 30 workers there if add the second shift.

Right side consists of two rows where the customers pay for their goods. As for me two rows it is not enough for a fast service at busy periods, so I would advise do add few more. There are different sections for fruits, meat, vegetables, liquid etc. But the signs for each sections should use bigger font I guess, so it will help to find the section you need faster. I was looking for outdated goods but I found any. So everything is fresh and waits to be bought. There are two shifts, which are well trained and can help you to find goods you look for. There are also some useful discounts which depend of the day of the week and type of the product. Guys at the registry are very fast what is also great part of the service. When I bought everything what I wanted, I was treated with a friendly smile of employees. One of them even helped me to carry my bags to the car.

I bought some coffee which they serve there it was really tasty. That store is selling their own baked cookies which I liked too. If you spend more then two hundred dollars they will gift you extra bag of cookies.

There is a deli section also so I tried some bacon egg and cheese sandwich. It was tasty, the products were fresh, the deliman listened to my wishes and make it just little overheated as I wanted. Afterwards I decided to try a turkey cold wrap. Unfortunately I guess that it was fail. The wrap had holes and did not have enough turkey either. The last thing I inspected at the deli was western fries with some hot cheese. This meal was just yummy-yummy.

There is one manager with each shift so if something goes wrong you can always claim him or her. When it is too busy managers used to help their employees to take care with crowd. I claimed the manager about the wrong wrap and he made me new one for free himself. It was very pleasant for me.

One more minus I have found there was some insect in the fruit section but I guess it is a problem of all fruit and vegetable section everywhere.

The day I came there it was very hot and I realised that the conditioner was not working, I asked the manager about that trouble. He told that the repeairman is just coming to fix it.

I noticed that the store is very clean, however I have not found the danger marks after the employees moped the floor. One more pleasant thing I realised that the store has some J-1 students, who are working there. I like to meet people from different parts of the world so it was great experience for me. Unfortunately I suppose that parking could be better and bigger. When it is high time customers may not be able to find the place for a car easily . In general my experience was positive and I had nice impressions of my visit. So I can give this store 90 out of 100 which is satisfied level of service and care.



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