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«Three Kingdoms Decal Application»

The issue of integrity and correlation between modern and ancient cultures has always been in the focus of my scientific and personal interest.

The theme of Three Kingdoms is exceptionally appealing to me. Being of Chinese descent, I am fascinated with the vast historical and cultural diversity of my native race. However, my family migrated to the United States when I was at a very young ageand, consequently, I was lacking favorable circumstances to experience my native culture, traditions and history in all respects.  In my opinion, the era of Three Kingdoms is a great phenomenon in the course of Chinese history, and should be thoroughly studied and investigated. Taking into consideration the unfortunate fact that my own knowledge on the subject is rather restricted, I am very inspired by the opportunity to improve this situation.

Another reason for which I find the Three Kingdoms class very beneficial is that its program is advantageously versatile and incorporates such interactive learning activities as focusing on one of the greatest classical Chinese novels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, popular television series and traditional Sanguosha card game. To the best of my knowledge, the existing direct correlation between the ancient Three Kingdoms era, marked by the period between 220 and 280 AD, and fundamental features of contemporary Chinese civilization, provoked numerous scientific researches and greatly revealed itself in popular culture. It inspired a great number of works of literature, art and theater and has made a sufficient impact on the usage of language and social, political and personal behavior of people in China today. More recently, it has become the source for movies, computer games and television series.

I would like to finish my argumentation in support of decision to take the Three Kingdoms decal by the undeniable fact that the profound influence of the Three Kingdoms era and its consequences on modern China is hard to be overvalued.  A thorough study of this issue will become a significant contribution to the development of my cultural and historical awareness of China and help me gain solid knowledge about one of the most important periods in the history of this great country.  



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