«Why I have to Work in Critical Care? Why I Like Critical Care?» - Great Essay Sample

«Why I have to Work in Critical Care? Why I Like Critical Care?»

Critical care calls for specialized training since such professionals take care for patients with life-threatening conditions or illness. Critically ill patients need intensive care and closer monitoring than patients in regular units. Critical care nursing is a job characterized with high pressure because stakes are so high. I became a nurse because I wanted to help people in the time of need, as well as vulnerability. I have encountered wonderful advanced nurses who were with profound knowledge, compassion and expertise; their guidance and mentorship was critical in the arrival of the decision I took. Critical care nursing is a profession that will make me interact with people emotionally, physically and psychologically. The shortage of nursing has hit specialty areas such as critical care. For the purposes of meeting this need, hospitals offer incentives to qualified candidates for this specialty. These incentives include education, bonuses for sign-on, higher salaries and relocation allowances. This is not a motivating factor as far as my decision is concerned (Morton, 2005).

My work as a nurse has been rewarding, exciting, frustrating, scary, however accompanied with self-discovery and roadblocks. I discovered my true strength is in helping other people. I have build and strengthened relationship in a twelve-hour shift, which affected my practice in every shift thereafter. Nursing has imparted me with tools for connection and communication with people. It has made me compassionate to human conditions, which consequently has changed my attitude towards life and health. I appreciate the leadership role and autonomy I empowered while offering care to my patients. The sense of accomplishment in aiding for the healing patients is the most exhilarating factor. The main motivation for becoming a critical care nurse is the moment when you see the patient walking out of the hospital after being treated in the Intensive care unit for a few months.

The main challenges that I am ready to encounter is communication with health care providers, as well as coordinating care for patients in a companionate and speedy manner. In case I am overwhelmed, I will seek for help and support because it is crucial to support each other and helping patients should be the main priority. Beside commitments there is another challenge; I want to test my physical, emotional, and intellectual limits just like what I went through when my father was critically ill. The experience and care I provide him with impressed me so much that I want to reciprocate the same to other patients. This experience has made me learn that success in life takes time and hard work, and this knowledge is critical in getting things completed. This helps me in staying focused in my nursing career. In my career, every step has been extraordinary; the encouragement and mentorship I received from various quarters has opened connections and doors to people, whom somehow shape my career in nursing. My main objective is to perform my skills the best I can to the patients. I wish to stay in the designated unit for as many years as possible. Since my true passion is in health care policy and leadership, it will be my desire to go back in graduate school for public health or nursing administration degree. 

Life is beautiful and amazing, but has miserable moments. As a critical care nurse, I have an opportunity to make a difference in a needy and vulnerable moment of a patient’s life. I can help patient to recover and feel better. With great respect for human being, together we can go beyond the probable and make people around you see that everything is possible. This is the pivotal point of the art of nursing, which I intend to incorporate in my practice (Clochesy, 1996).



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