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When a nation faces a war, it may be no option to choose. It was the case of Serbia in the First World War; the Austria-Hungarian Empire did not live much of a choice to the little country and declared war on it. Regardless of its initial ...
In the contemporary world, there is an increasing connection of nations, some of which are located far away from each other. This phenomenon has been termed as globalization. In a particular way it has destroyed some of the traditional tenets of the ...
Introduction Today, the contemporary world of politics in the USA is full of complex processes, which have an interrelated nature. In fact, the most recent events outlined several candidates for the position of the next president of America. Hillary ...
The existence of democracy is impossible without the freedom of expression. The latter is achieved on condition that media, as a powerful source of information, indeed has the liberty to act freely and without coercion. No matter how idealistic and ...
Part 1 Starting from 1991, when the old Soviet empire lost its official influence on the great amount of countries, the struggle for these territories began. Russia’s identity, which is based on the idea of its great power over the other ...

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