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«Hillary Clinton Strategic Plan»


Today, the contemporary world of politics in the USA is full of complex processes, which have an interrelated nature. In fact, the most recent events outlined several candidates for the position of the next president of America. Hillary Clinton is one of the candidates from the Democratic Party, which deserves special consideration to understand her position in the presidential race. The following discussion reflects the current situation of Clinton’s political competitiveness, her vision, mission, strategic and financial objectives, driving forces, assumptions, SWOT-analysis, analysis of strategic issues, and strategies offered to win the elections.

Current Situation

Currently, Hillary Clinton obtains enough support from voters, which helps to predict that she is one of the most expected candidates for the position of the president of the United States. Her outstanding vision, mission, and strategic view of the problems reflected in various public speeches prove that Clinton has serious intentions regarding the future of the country. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that the political race is dangerous and unexpected, which means that it is important to consider every element of the political platform. Clinton’s vision and mission provide the insight into the essence of the political campaign supported by a Democratic candidate. 


Hillary Clinton has already spent many hours in general by speaking about her vision for America. In fact, the woman proves that her optimistic vision of the country’s future has its background. Clinton declared that her vision for the national growth and development lies in the myriad of the reforms, which will be implemented as soon as she becomes a President. Healthcare, military service, education, environment, financial system, national security, and human rights are not the only spheres of life, which are about to change under the influence of Clinton’s presidency. These elements formulate the core of her campaign, which proves that the woman has serious intentions of taking care of the most valuable spheres of life. In combination with vision, it is essential to consider mission while aiming to understand the essence of Clinton’s activity.


Hillary Clinton’s mission statement covers the areas of her vision in a specific way. The political campaign of Hillary Clinton announced a mission statement, which is to give “every family, every small business, and every American a path to lasting prosperity” (Ricker, 2015). In this way, Clinton has proved that her goal is to take care of the nation during not only her presidential term but also many years after her presidency finishes. From this point of view, Clinton raised the need to pay attention not only to economic growth and national security but also a welfare of every family and sustainability of every business regardless of its size. Hopefully, the mission statement remains an integral part of the political activity of Clinton as soon as she becomes a President.

Strategic and Financial Objectives

Hilary Clinton’s campaign covers many strategic and financial objectives, which accompany the vision with its goals. One of the main strategic objectives set by Clinton is ending racial inequality, which continues to bring conflicts annually (Merica & Scott, 2016). In general, it is not the only strategic objective in the campaign of Clinton. She has mentioned in her interviews that the USA is a country of multiple issues, which have an interrelated nature. Moreover, American issues reinforce annually and require more attention and immediate action. In fact, Clinton’s objectives lie in the core of political, economic, and social issues. As for the financial objectives, one of the significant goals is to provide democracy to everyone regardless of the level of income ("Hillary Clinton on the issues", 2016). This goal foresees the raising of incomes and making a tax reform, which would create a balanced society. In this way, Clinton ensures that she is capable of taking care of every sphere of life.

Driving Forces

Hilary Clinton proves in her political platform that she has pure intentions regarding the development of the nation. In fact, one of the driving forces is making education affordable for every American. Clinton believes that it is impossible to promote the national prosperity and growth without an education, which remains a privilege starting only from the middle class (Catanese, 2014). Another driving force is a wage gap, which is one of the main reasons of the financial inequality in the USA. In fact, Clinton included all problems in her political platform, which can be addressed by caring hands of a woman. Finally, Clinton’s driving force is making training and development a mandatory part of business evolution (Catanese, 2014). In this way, the complex of the driving forces will contribute to the national renaissance in every sphere of life. 


One of the most significant and noticeable assumptions about Hillary Clinton is that she is a caring woman full of humanistic intentions. Her political platform and numerous public speeches have proved that she is willing to take care of the whole nation in various ways. For example, Hillary Clinton aims to enhance the rights of the LGBT community, which is one of the acts of kindness and equality ("Hillary Clinton on the issues", 2016). She strives to reach a full balance of human rights in a democratic society, which still has many pressures, conflicts, and inequalities. Moreover, Clinton also has an outstanding sense of being protective. She aims to enhance the protection of animals and take care of the natural heritage. In this way, it is possible to claim that Clinton is a remarkable person full of wisdom in the political decisions and overall knowledge. Every public speech reflecting her decisions has a support of a myriad of facts. In this way, the discussed assumptions have their proof and evidence.

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths

Clinton is not only well-organized but she has already shown her outstanding ability to negotiate and solve conflict situations. In fact, Clinton remains one of the politicians capable of bridging the gap between poverty and unemployment and wealth. Her outlining confidence in public speeches has proved that she has a clear vision of her possible presidency. In addition, the support of Barack Obama and his mentorship help Clinton to navigate through the world of politics and target the most important areas in her political campaign.

  • Weaknesses

Clinton’s detractors created a significant problem for her, which resulted in a probable dishonesty and overall distrust. Clinton’s reputation has some weaknesses, which has become the results of the past. Clinton is known to take large speaking fees from the Wall Street. She also had an email scandal and the problem with a private server. These facts have burdened the reputation of Clinton, which means that today she has to prove that she is ready to take care of the nation without hiding anything from the public. In this way, Clinton has a major weakness, which still does not allow increasing trust of the voters in many states.

  • Opportunities

As a former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has already managed to win some loyalty from voters. She has achieved a stable position in the party of Democrats and has allied herself with Barack Obama, who guides her through the main challenges and issues in American economic, environmental, and social spheres. In this perspective, Clinton has many opportunities, which are related to her influential political figure and support of the voters. In fact, Clinton also has many opportunities as a first female president in the history of the USA. Clinton became the source of hope and changes for many voters, which means that people believe in her.

  • Threats

Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to the success of Hillary Clinton in the presidential race refers to her reputation, which was burdened by the FBI investigations and email scandal. In fact, the investigation still continues, which means that Clinton has not managed to clean her reputation and restore image. It is difficult to predict the possible consequences of her mistakes in the political career, which will not be helpful in gaining the support of more voters.

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Analysis of Strategic Issues

One of the main strategic issues lies in the perspective of trust of voters and reputation of Clinton combined with the problems of America, which need to be addressed. In combination, two segments of strategic issues make it challenging for Clinton to prove others that she is capable of not only winning the elections but also solving the problems of the nation. In this way, the maximalist list of objectives set by Clinton does not provide voters with confidence that she will manage to implement her strategic plan. Moreover, Clinton has to know how to overcome the challenges of her burdened reputation, which would not let her achieve success without changes. Finally, the most alarming strategic issue in the campaign of Clinton is a lack of emergent strategy, which should be the only guarantee and prevention of the negative influence of her past mistakes.

Strategies (Corporate and Business)

In order to win the elections, it is possible to consider three strategies, which can have a positive effect on the outcomes of the elections. The following three strategies along with its advantages and disadvantages help to understand, which option is the most appropriate for Hillary Clinton and her political platform. 

1) Emergent strategy

As long as Clinton competes with powerful candidates, she needs to have a protection of her image and reputation. An emergent strategy is a shield, which should protect Hillary Clinton and her reputation in the competition with other candidates. It is important to include a wisdom of the most outstanding philosophers and political thinkers in the strategy, which will nourish the political platform of Hillary Clinton. Clausewitz and Sun Tzu managed to give the world many ideas regarding the development of the winning strategies. The following principles will be covered by the emergent strategy:

  • knowing yourself and the enemies (Sun Tzu)
  • better to win without fighting (Sun Tzu)
  • turning enemies’ weaknesses into personal strengths
  • strength of mind and thought accompanied by an outstanding intellect (Clausewitz).

The first strategy has its positive and negative effects, which characterize it. One of the main advantages is that the strategy considers knowing the enemies in combination with outstanding intellect. Such options foresee the continuous monitoring of the candidates’ activity and their public speeches. Thanks to the intelligence of Hillary Clinton, it would be possible to take wise and timely decisions. However, the disadvantage of the strategy is that it suggests winning without fighting, which is not always appropriate. It means that it is a doubtful point in the strategy, which can become a weakness in the political platform of Hillary Clinton if one of her opponents uses an unexpected activity.

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2) Strategy based on the political experience

Hillary Clinton already participated in the presidential elections and lost it when Barack Obama became a president. It means that Hillary Clinton already has enough experience in the elections. In this way, a strategy should not focus on the new elements, which do not guarantee a victory. The following principles should be included in the strategy:

  • active usage of old principles of the political platform
  • supporting the communication with loyal voters
  • strengthening of personal strengths obtained in the previous elections.

This strategy also has its positive and negative consequences. In fact, the main advantage is a powerful development of personal strengths and reduction of weaknesses. In this way, Hillary Clinton will not distract herself to the new elements, which are less familiar to her than her previous objectives in the political campaign. Unfortunately, the main disadvantage is that if Hillary Clinton does not diversify her political campaign, she will hardly win votes of new people interested in her candidature. In this way, she may fail by the inability to win loyalty and respect of other voters.

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3) Maximalist strategy

In this strategy, Hillary Clinton may turn to an active spread of her activity, which should influence the decision of the majority of Americans. Continuous debates, public speeches, and interviews should be mandatory elements in her communication with the society. The following principles and activities formulate this strategy:

  • increase personal schedule with interviews, public speeches, and debates sessions
  • listening to the voter’s needs and taking immediate actions to prove the readiness to become a president
  • respecting every voter and being thankful to everyone who helps.

In this strategy, the main advantage lies in the deep concentration on the society in general. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton will be capable of showing others that she is already taking care of people and their needs. As for the disadvantages, it may be inappropriate to lose a focus on the development of the political campaign of other candidates.

In fact, the most essential strategy that combines all of the components supported by the outstanding strategic thinkers is an emergent strategy. Otherwise, each separate strategy has missing elements. It means that only an overall strategy including the wisdom of the outstanding strategic thinkers will be the most appropriate key to the success of Hillary Clinton. The first strategy should nourish Hillary Clinton’s decisions with patience, intelligence, and wisdom. In this way, she will be capable of handling the pressure from the side of other candidates and will meet the needs of her voters by supporting their trust and loyalty.


In conclusion, it is possible to mention that Hillary Clinton obtains much potential in the perspective of the development of the nation. A broad scope of social, economic, and environmental issues reflected in the public speeches of Clinton prove that she is ready to address them. Clinton has a strong mission and vision, which allow her developing in the political sphere. She also has a support of Barack Obama, who guides her through the internal environment of politics. However, Clinton needs to revise her strategy and add an emergent strategy, which can help her win the loyalty of voters and guarantee her protection from the attacks of other candidates.



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