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«Agricultural Geography, Food Production, and Consumption»

Agricultural geography is a branch of economic geography. It studies how agriculture is distributed in different territories together with the laws and factors which are related to this distribution. The uniqueness in the relationship that exists between production agriculture and the environment is the main point that distinguishes agricultural distribution as far as territories are concerned and the industry at large.

Territorial distribution is founded on a principle called the law of planned equitable development of the economy. The territorial differences in agriculture come about as a result of the various natural conditions in diverse localities. They are also caused by the objective economic conditions (Dhillon 12).

Other factors which influence the distribution of agriculture include the rate of profit and rent on land. In some economically weak countries, there are forms of small scale agriculture. Socioeconomic structures, land use, the mode of owning land have caused agriculture to be practiced differently in different regions (Husain 100).

The differences in natural environment create conditions which are not the same in different places. They are manifested by efficiency in the production of food, manageable levels of production costs. There are crucial economic conditions under which the differences in territories create farming possibilities which are unequal. The first include the place where the consumption is situated (Husain 100).

There is also industrial processing of the produce as well as manufacture when considered the means by which agriculture can be done. Another factor that is very crucial is the availability of labor and manpower. Lastly, there is the diversity in natural services and farming experience.

There are certain elements of economic geography which are important. There are many things included in this study. Firstly, there is the study of how to classify the different types of land. Additionally, it entails mapping of these different types of land after a successful classification has been carried out. It also entails the study of the different forms of land organization for agricultural enterprises.

There is also the investigation of the productivity of agriculture-based enterprises taking their locations into consideration. It also investigates the production links which exist between industrial and agricultural enterprises. Additionally, it involves the study of the economic factors which affect geography of agriculture, economically evaluating the different kinds of natural environments (Robinson 19).

Food production is a process that involves three steps. There is the input, the processing, and the output. Firstly, the ingredients, materials, and the items are placed into the machinery. The process involves what happens to the ingredients when turning them into finished products. The finished products are the output (Ben, Michael & Judith 46).

For example, eggs, sugar, and flour can be the ingredients. The process involves beating the ingredients together and then baking them. The final product will be a cake (Ben et al 46).

Food consumption is the ingestion of the different food items in order to supply the different needs of the body. Great care is to be taken to assure the safety of the food. At the farms, the use of fertilizers and herbicides should be closely monitored. Moreover, the use of pesticides at the storage also affects the health of consumers. Different countries have different laws that put a check on the use of such items.

Transportation of food should also be done with utmost care. The food on transit is subjected to many microbial attacks. This if not checked may cause food poisoning to the consumers. Moreover, different foods should be preserved appropriately. This should be done to ensure that the vital and very volatile nutrients are not lost (Ben et al 46).



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