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«Answers to Questions»
  1. Pure or basic research is conducted for the purpose of acquiring information and building on existing knowledge. Applied research aims at formulating solutions to a particular question. For example a pure research would be interested in knowing how much, most salespersons are paid in both commission and salary while an applied research would be interested in why use commission or salary to pay sales persons for a certain type of business.
  2. Explanatory research refers to market research aimed at gathering preliminary information that will identify and describe problems and suggest hypothesis. Predictive research is marketing research done to predict what will probably happen in the future. It tests hypothesis about cause and effect relationship.
  3. A descriptive study is done in order to study and describe the characteristics of variables of interest in a situation or to understand the characteristics of companies that follow certain practices. A reporting study provides an summation of data including descriptive statistics on a distinct topic. Little inference is required.
  4. To be able to select the appropriate option, the sales manager need to determine the goals of the program as far as achievement of desired attitudes and behavior is concerned. The manger needs to know the current level of motivation of employees, as well as, the penalties or incentives that are likely to motivate them adopt desired behavior and attitudes. If present program can achieve desired result, then he can retain it. If it does not, he would have to weigh aspects like total benefits, cost, implementation time, administering and training and development time and so on.
  5. Research will give the president a genuine perception of the prevailing problems in the company and also company strong holds that he can utilize. To rescue the current critical situation, he should concentrate and investigate more on parts than can yield faster returns. He should investigate and cut temporarily parts of the company consume more financial and labor supplies but gives low returns. The company can operate with less profits as the manager does more marketing research for the company’s products to know the products on demand and invest more on product that have less risk of investment.



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