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«Inductive and Deductive Methods»

Deductive reasoning is a type of reasoning where a researcher, for instance, a detective begins with from a known fact which can be a hypothesis, and draws his conclusion of research from that general conclusion he comes up with. Inductive reasoning, on the other hand, is the opposite in that, here the detective creates a general conclusion from one specific observation they have made (Jones, 1909). For example, for a research to determine the types of cars in a specific town. A Person applying inductive reasoning might conclude that because all the cars he has ever seen are Toyotas then all cars in that town are Toyota. It is generally used in science investigations. While from the deductive reasoning point of view, all cars that come to this town are Toyotas, a Mercedes came to this town so it is a Toyota.

In the case study, I would seek to apply the concept of inductive reasoning like this; I would conclude that since a White Chevy was around the scene of the crime by multiple witnesses, and there was even some kind confrontation with Bill Crow and the girlfriend then, a white chevy that passed was spotted there that day must contain the perpetrator of this crime. The murderer must own a white chevy. Then seek to find the driver of the chevy as a suspect (Jones, 1909).

If I take the deductive reasoning angle, I would look at all surrounding circumstances, the bill crow couple that were confronted earlier by a white chevy, which followed them until they out sped it. From that, I would conclude that the driver of the white chevy was the murderer. Few hours later, the couple appearing peaceful, are found later killed; shot at close range. I would conclude that the driver of the white chevy must have killed them. Then I would start finding out who was driving the white car that day (Jones, 1909).

In conclusion, each approach has its own weaknesses depending whether it is based on the right assumption or not. Therefore, proper care should be taken when drawing conclusions about specific inferences to ensure that they are not founded on a fallacy.



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