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«One Instrument That Changed It All»

Nowadays there are different styles of music where different instruments are used. Jazz music was popular at all times, and since its beginning it was played by energetic and talented people. If we speak about jazz, it is necessary to mention that there are different styles, according to which various instruments are used. Jazz music is a brilliant combination of sounds produced by different musical instruments, among which guitar is the most fascinating and remarkable. It suits both man and woman, because it can be lyric and romantic, energetic and jocose, but always sincere and deep. The purpose of the paper is to apprise of the development of guitar playing, concentration on the latest guitarists and their modes of performance.

It is a well-known fact that bass, acoustic, and electric types of guitar were created in order to comply with any musician’s need. Historians do not know exactly when the first guitar was constructed, but its origin dates back to 1900-1800 B.C. in Babylonia. Moreover, at the same time a clay plaque with some instrument resembling the guitar was found (Estrella).

Modern jazz guitar techniques are major 3rd division and tritone division soloing. Among players who do not follow new directions in jazz guitar is Kurt Rosenwinkel (Warnock). A vast majority of people think he is extremely contemporary and very innovative that exemplify his works. One of his best albums is Heartcore and Deep Song. Another great one is a new album Live at the Village Vanguard. It is also reasonable to mention Brian Blade who is renowned for his unwonted album Season of Changes.

To compile the list of players who abandon new ideas and guitar playing directions, it is worth mentioning another modern guitarist, Ben Monder with his album The Vastness of Space, Adam Rodgers and his Follow the Red Line, Mike Moreno with Another Way. To unearth more avant-garde music, it is recommended to refer to Oz Noy's album Fuzzy. Furthermore, a trifle strange but modern album is composed by David Letterman’s band, which performs good up-to-date solos.

Among other notable guitarists are Derek Trucks, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. They are noted for remarkable awards and important performances.

Derek is one of those who were acknowledged by Rolling Stone "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. What is more, he was the youngest in the list due to his perfect guitar skills. His talent helped him to perform in the Allman Brothers Band. Also, he took part in Peakin' at the Beacon (2000), was successful At the Beacon Theatre (2003, live DVD) Hittin' the Note (2003), and was great in One Way Out (2004).

The musician is known for his unusual slide guitar playing. His Trucks Band is famous for such albums as The Derek Trucks Band (1997), Out of the Madness (1998), and a brilliant Joyful Noise (2002). After all these works Soul Serenade (2003) and Live at Georgia Theatre (2004) were written. In 2006, he achieved popularity for his Songlines.

In 2007 during Derek's tour, the musician played as an accompanying guitar player for Eric Clapton.

In conclusion, it is justly to use James Sallis’s words, who wrote that the melodic of this music instrument lines in such a way that it is hard not to cry. Charlie Christian, Derek Trucks, Chuck Berry and other famous musicians played the electric guitar to reach the acme of its technical and expressive possibilities. Their great techniques became a real treasure of modern jazz, and some even began to distinguish between the jazz guitar before Christian and after Christian. These types of guitar playing started to sound like two different instruments (Sallis).‎



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