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«What Do the Numbers Tell Us»

When I watched the video, it was rather surprizing to find out that Americans often treated elderly citizens, including their family members, as a burden. The matter is, they think  that living longer is synonymous with coping with chronic illnesses and complications of old age which, most frequently, come in multiples. The diseases that fear them most are  alzheimers,dementia, poor ambultory abitity and similar ones. "Everything started to go at 82 years," says Rose Chanes, now 96 and in assisted living. "I don't hear, I don't see. … You've got to be crazy to call it a blessing to live like this. … I call it a curse."(Living Old, 2013).

 The aging population is differentiated in terms of needs; it means that every person has individual demands and faces unique challenges. For example, senior citizens have different attitudes about life and death; some view it better to die at an early age rather than live in pain and suffering. The way society treats them influences their personal attitude greatly.

Social problems the elderly face as a result of health state complications tend to differ as well. They may depend on their financial state, the origin of complications and their severity, individual factors such as race and gender among others. As a consequence, social issues significantly influence their general attitude towards life.

There exist many groups, cultures and minor societies; the process of human aging aging tends to be different in each them in its own unique way. Therefore, every person should be treated in a distinct manner. Treating all aging individuals as if they were equal in needs is just plain wrong. “Because the critical challenge of an aging society is not so much how to accommodate the older population, but how to ensure the productivity of future elderly group, irregardless of age” (Friedland & Summer, 2005).



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