Free Essay Sample «Zeus»

Free Essay Sample «Zeus»

Zeus  -  the  presiding  deity,  the  son  of  the  Titans  Kronos  and  Rhea.  He  is  the  almighty  Father  of  the  Gods,  the  lord  of  the  winds  and  clouds, rain,  thunder  and  lightning.  With  the  blow  of  scepter  Zeus  caused  storms and  hurricanes,  but  also  could  appease  the  forces  of  nature  and  clear  sky  from  clouds.  Cronus,  fearing  to  be  defeated  by  his  children,  swallowed  all  the  older  brothers  and  sisters  of  Zeus  immediately  after  their  birth. But  Ray  instead  of  the  youngest  son  gave  to  Kronos  a  stone  wrapped  in  swaddling  clothes,  and  a  baby  secretly  raised  on  the  island  of  Crete. Matured  Zeus  sought  to  settle  with  his  father.  His  first  wife,  wise  Metis, daughter  of  the  ocean,  advised  him  to  give  his  father  a  potion  which  helped   all  swallowed  children  to  be  free.

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Overcoming  Kronos,  Zeus  and  the  brothers  divided  the  world  among  themselves.  Zeus  chose  the  sky.  Effect  of  Zeus  spread  to  all  areas.  But  he  hadn’t  power  over  the  destiny.  Being  the  "father  of  men  and  gods,"  Zeus  was  a  formidable  punishing  force.  By  his  command  was chained  to  a  rock  Prometheus  who  stole  God's  fire  for  the  people.  He sent  a  flood  to  the  Earth  and  solved  the  Trojan  War,  punishing  the human  race  because  of  violent  behavior.

But  over  the  time,  the  world  has  changed  and  the  Olympians became  not  so  cruel.  Goddess  Mnemosina  bore  nine  Muses  for  Zeus. Thus,  in  human  society  appeared  law,  science,  art  and  morality.  Zeus  was also  the  father of  the  great  heroes  -  Hercules,  Dioscuri,  Perseus,  Sarpedon,  famous  kings  and  wise  men  -  Minos,  Radamanf  Eaka.  Love affairs  of  Zeus  with  mortal  women,  and  with  the  immortal  goddess, became  the  basis  of  many  myths  that  have  caused  permanent  antagonism between  him  and  his  third  wife  Hera,  goddess  of  marriage  legitimate.


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