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«Community Health»

Health condition defines the well-being of a human body and its ability to carry on the tasks and processes a person normally performs in everyday life. Health is a significant component of human life as it determines how successful and effective the process of delivering the desired results is. A healthy community is characterized by its healthy members, whose life is free from diseases, disorders and stresses that may affect their livelihoods. The main objective of this paper is to focus on the need to have a healthy community and the required essential amenities to keep a society healthy. It also discusses the challenges faced by the communities in getting the healthy environment.

Community health involves providing informative health education, improving access to quality and affordable healthcare, and putting prevention measures in order to avoid health risks in a society. Community health is a wing of public health with regards to the health needs of a particular geographical area. The members comprising a community are the focus of community health drives. A significant advantage of community health drives is sensitization of the public on healthy living and disease prevention. These health drives may include road caravans, seminars, public advertisements on healthy living and charitable drives in treating and educating the community members on prevention measures (Howard & Bogh, 2002). Community health targets significant health areas such as primary healthcare with a focus on the family units. Regarding primary healthcare, the main activities entail information on basic disease prevention measures such as hand washing, circumcision and immunization. It also educates on the importance of having a healthy environment around the community members. This involves activities such as clearing of bushes, draining of stagnant water and use of insecticides in controlling disease-causing vectors.

The health of a community is of absolute importance as it also influences economic growth and general development of a nation. Improving access to quality and affordable healthcare entails the development of quality and staffed health facilities to provide basic health services to community members. The main duty of the government and public health administration officers is to promote health education in their respective communities. It is also a prerogative of community members to contribute financial resources and staff to help promote health education in the community. Community health is in many instances promoted by non-governmental organizations and health facilities in the most remote areas. This is because the mainstream health centers do not reach some of these areas. Red Cross is an organization that promotes community healthcare (Kreuter, 1998). Other programs initiated by the government include the Hoosier Health Program that helps educate and offer health care services to women and children (Hoosier Healthwise Children's Health Coverage Program, 2000).

Nowadays, it is a big challenge to make a healthy community, especially in the rural areas, where the basic health facilities are inaccessible. Moreover, it is quite difficult to make a particular community get involved into health education. Accessibility of these remote and rural areas that are characterized by dilapidated road networks and poor health facilities is another challenge on the way towards community health. The resources required for an effective campaign aimed at disease prevention are numerous, which poses one more challenge of effective delivery of the campaign message.

Community health is a significant factor that shows how effective are the mainstream curative health services offered in health facilities. It focuses more on disease preventative solutions than curative solutions through health education to community members. As it is very dangerous to put community health at risk, the government and non-governmental organizations do their best to achieve a significant progress in community health sector.



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