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«Dances with the Wolves»

Alexie represents the most important issues, troubling the Native American community. He develops his stories around the struggle for Indian culture, and attempts of Native Americans to keep their identity of a separate people, presented by every single tribe. He shows the way they were living and they do live now, getting more and more integrated into the outside world, becoming a part of the society. I personally adore the way he depicts Native Americans in his stories, proving they are real people, with their own issues and trying to survive the modern world.

“Dances with the Wolves” belongs to the category of movies that were initially shot to be put on the big screen, involving huge numbers of people who were supposed to watch it. It was a commercial project in the first place, western style, telling a story of the American soldier, followed by numerous appearances of the Sioux Indians. As for the plot, it evolves in the 1800s, at the Civil War times. The Indians in the movie were depicted as very traditional, rather non-conformist and brave warriors who knew their own rights and freedoms. They were shown as a nation, a little community with their own dreams and desires, not simply another obstacle in the way of the American government’s activity. “Smoke Signals” may be less known, small budget film, but it has its own set of unique features that made it deserve its place in the history. Firstly, it does not tell us about the Indians in the past, like most Westerns did; it shows them in the modern community. Two main characters, Victor and Thomas, are very controversial in terms of ethnic identity. They present their reservation, which is separated from the outer world physically, although already integrated lots of developments like cars, TV, electricity, public education etc. Boys are a bit scared of the outer world, but they easily fit into it, traveling across the country. This particular tribe became a part of the American society, although they are still trying to remain isolated, independent. Modern generation of young Native Americans seems to be proud of their history and people, but they cannot do anything about integrating into the American life that goes on outside their reservation.



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