«Diabetes and Obesity on Healthcare Delivery in America» - Great Essay Sample

«Diabetes and Obesity on Healthcare Delivery in America»

There are numerous studies carried out on diabetes as a disease and its impacts on both the economy and society. Diabetes is a condition where the body does not use or produce enough insulin. It has several complications on the body ranging from urinary incontinence, stroke, neuropathy, amputations and increases the propensity to disability. Obesity is accumulation of fat in the body, which leads to health problems. This paper compares two research studies on diabetes and obesity in America and their impact on the healthcare system and economy.

The article by Maureen Harris titled “Diabetes in America: epidemiology and scope of the problem” indicates the rising number of incidences over the last 40 years prior to 1998. The study shows diabetes infections and prevalence that will continue to rise among the American population. It also shows the economic impact of diabetes demonstrating the financial impacts of the disease on the budget at both the family and national levels (Harris, 1998).

The article on obesity in women as a cause of coronary heart disease portrays accumulation of fats especially in the blood circulation system affected more by the fats. Arteries and the heart linings are clogged to exert pressure to their functioning. It poses a health risk and major financial stress on the family budgets as well as healthcare planners (Manson et al., 1990).

Study: epidemiology and scope of the problem Study: impact of obesity in coronary heart disease in women
Focuses on diabetes and its impacts on healthcare and economy Focuses on the prevalence of obesity in women and possible coronary heart disease
Details more on the types and the major implications of diabetes from previous studies Details more on the health risks posed by obesity and the accumulation of fat on the heart lining
Major contributor to blindness, disability and urinary incontinence, as well as pressure ulcers Obesity contributes significantly to major heart diseases and disorders including heart failure and obesity.
Stifles family and national budgets to health related expenses Stifles family and national budgets to health related expenses
Study addresses all both men women and children Study addresses one gender women only.



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