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«Love Your Body»

The foods that we eat determine who we are. Although this statement seems naïve, it has incomparable weight. Indeed, our diet determines our attitude and bodily appearance. My views towards diet and choice of food changed after reading articles from NEDA. This paper presents a response towards the articles, in the context of diets and healthy lifestyles.

Eating disorders, particularly obesity are associated with the older generation particularly the wealthy population. Others disorders such as malnutrition are associated with ignorance or people who do not value proper diets. However, after reading the article I realized that college students have equal chances of suffering from eating disorders as other people do. Despite their levels of education and physical activities, college students are at risk of developing food related complications (Becker and Duffy 6). Initially I read the article with disbelief considering that college students are prime members in any society. However after reading the article “College Students: Prevalence, Persistence, Correlates, and Treatment-Seeking” I realized that college students have equivalent risks. I concur with the author’s argument in relation to nutrition and healthy eating habits. Ideally, college students fail on the habit aspect of nutrition, despite being right on food selection (Becker and Duffy 16). The article would seem more convincing if it incorporates an element of food value vs. task, in its analysis. Consequently, college students would be missing special nutrients required to rejuvenate their systems. Such nutritional disorders would lead to “thin idealists” as depicted in the articles (Becker and Duffy 13).

After establishing a problem, what is the next step? The article responds to this question and other related issues. A closer analysis reveals that students prefer practical approach to problems, over theoretical approaches. The article reveals that students have interests in nutrition and matters affecting their physical appearance. I consider the corrective approaches presented by the readings ineffective. In particular, the articles advocates for a collective responsibility while dealing with the issue, rather than a personalized approach. Although poor nutrition is a social problem, it requires personalized solution, contrarily to the article’s approach. The collective approach described in the issue, makes eating disorders more of a social issue rather than a personal issue. Although this approach empowers people against the problem, I prefer personal initiatives. Classifying eating disorder as a social issue worsens the problem by creating a state of comfort.

I consider the issue a must-read for any student concerned with his or her image. The issue begins by presenting a problem and ends with possible solutions. Between the problem statement and solution proposal, the issue takes the readers through a solution process. Most young people (college students) prefer instant answers and, therefore the proposed process is not preferred. Article 14 addresses the need to make a difference one-step at a time. The message or solution proposals made in the article may not be attractive to college students who value instant transformations on their appearance. However, it is never too late to make a difference, as there is always time for improvement. “So, what can we do to improve body image and increase awareness about eating disorders?” (Becker and Duffy 8). I consider the issue insufficient to the problem posted in this question. In particular, the issue fails to address root causes of the problem, while it emphasizes on alternative solutions.

In conclusion, perfect image is everything that a college a student needs. Practically our diet determines our public image and attitude towards life. As the articles depicts, there is a major problem in our eating habits, food selection, and exercise routine. Approach to the problem will determine the subsequent results. Whether we take a radical or systematic approach, we must eat right and feel good about ourselves.



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