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«Medical Marijuana»

The writer addresses the issue concerning the use of medical marijuana which has become common in many medical institutions. The use of medical marijuana has become common among patients in spite of the fact that there is insufficient knowledge concerning the drug by both the patient and the physicist or the doctor who is responsible. The writer is clearly against the use of marijuana for quite a number of reasons which are pointed out in the rest of the article. The idea portrayed by the writer is the lack of support he has for the use of medical marijuana. This is in spite of the fact that medical marijuana has been made legal in quite a number of states. This has made it much more available for the patients to an extent that it is thought of being misused instead of being used for the relevant purpose of being medicinal.

The writer presents his ideas in an organised way by not indicating his stand in the beginning of the article. Instead, the argument that he gives at the beginning brings us to the conclusion that the writer is not in support of the use of medical marijuana. His presentation of ideas is even more effective by the use of examples where he presents scenarios that involve patients who have used medical marijuana due to recommendation by their physician. In as much as the drug is known to have medicinal value, the writer indicates that there is more to the drug than its medicinal value. His ideas are laid out in such a way that it is easy for anybody to notice the concern he has for the ever expanding use of medical marijuana. These ideas work together to bring out the reasoning behind the writer’s decision of being against the use of medical marijuana.

In the article, the writer’s purpose is to reason out whether the use of medical marijuana is mainly negative or positive. The writer blends the advantages of medical marijuana as well as the advantages and how these are manipulated by the users. In order to bring out a clear understanding, the writer gives credible examples that bring out the reality behind the use of medical marijuana. The writer points out how the drug is misused by physicians when he gives an example about a bill that was passed concerning the recommendation of medical marijuana in Colorado. In addition to that, the writer indicates the reasons why some countries have opted not to legalise the drug. By making these ideas work together, the writer helps one identify with the best decision concerning supporting the use of medical marijuana. From the article, the use of medical marijuana ought to be taken seriously having in mind that misuse of the drug may cause negative instead of positive effects.

Through evaluating various aspects of the article, the writer displays credibility of the ideas presented. Credibility of the article hence makes it a dependable source of information for individuals who may be researching on the same topic. Currency is one of the aspects that qualify the article as a credible source. Normally when one is researching on a matter that is currently affecting society, he or she focuses on a time span that is close to his or her present time. In the article, the writer gives an example about Colorado’s use of medical marijuana and the laws that have been passed concerning it. The Drug Enforcement Administration in Colorado scheduled the drug as a schedule one drug meaning that it should be one of the most restricted drugs. In spite of the schedule of the drug, the physicians still recommend the drug to patients. Any efforts to reschedule the drug, one of which was in the recent past, the year 2011, have been declined. This is an indication of the dangerous level of the drug.

Objectivity in the article also contributes to its credibility. The writer points out issues concerning medical marijuana and gives full details concerning them. The explanation is also accompanied by examples. For instance, the writer points out that the recommendation of medical marijuana ruins the relationship between the physician and the patient. This point is obviously followed by a question why. The writer gives a definite example to show how the relationship between the patient and the physician is affected by the use of this drug. The writer indicates that most of the patients who use medical marijuana do not entirely know their physicians. Most of them have even visited the physician ones in order to get the recommendation for medical marijuana and never again. Clearly the relationship between the patient and physician here is not built on having one another’s best interests at heart.

Consistency in the article is also a contributor to the credibility of the article. The writer does not show biasness when reasoning out why the use of medical marijuana is not advisable for patients. In fact, the writer presents arguments on both sides of the coin. The writer indicates the view that people have in order for them to support the use of medical marijuana. The writer does not lay off the supporters of the users of medical marijuana but his concern is seen in the way he argues out the negativity of using medical marijuana. The writer seems to have no problem with the use of medical marijuana for the right purpose as long as the users have enough knowledge considering it. The major concern the writer brings out is the limited scientific knowledge that the physicians have to an extent of blindly recommending the drug to quite a number of their patients.

The writer gives accurate findings on the statistics given in the article. One example is the number of patients that are given the recommendation of medical marijuana. The writer shows a clear cut between the issuing of medical marijuana before and after the passing of the Colorado Senate Bill 109 in Colorado. Before the bill was passed, physicians were allowed to recommend medical marijuana to patients without any specific standards of diagnosis. This was to an extent that they did not perform any tests to determine whether the patient was really in need of medical marijuana. Instead, the patients would be issued with the drug if the physician agreed that the patient needed it. After passing the bill, the number of patients under the use of medical marijuana decreased. This is a clear indication that the previous recommendations of the drug were never the less unnecessary for the patients and uncalled for.

The sources used by the writer also are proof of credibility of the article. Most of the statistics and data given could not be provided without the use of dependable sources. The references given by the writer are proof of well done research and intensive study on the information provided in the sources. The writer uses sources that revolve around medical marijuana, the constitution and how it features in the medical field. By having sources with these objectives at hand, the writer is able to come up with sensible and believable conclusions which would have otherwise been absent without the use of these sources. The fact that the cited sources are reliable makes the article reliable since it uses reliable information as well.



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