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«Public Speaking Video Review»

The introduction speech of Bimal Petal has its strengths and weaknesses. The main strength of this person’s presentation is that he began his speech with introducing himself and speaking about his calling. This grabs listeners’ attention. The other strength of this presentation is that the speaker tells about his ideas where to pursue his calling. There are also weaknesses in this presentation. The main weakness of the presentation is that the speaker began to tell about his other interests, which are not very much related to his calling and can not be considered to be a strong argument: “...becoming a professional tennis player or going to Hollywood to become an actor... I joined the University Theater Guild.” (Allyn & Bacon).

It was a good idea to speak about the leisure time, such as going out with friends, watching films, and travelling, but the possibility of achieving other careers was not worth mentioning. The presentation will be successful when the opening and conclusion are both good. The opening sets the tone of one’s speech, and conclusion is the part of the presentation, which listeners remember the most. I think that in this presentation there is no logical conclusion, there is no inspiration in it or call to action. The story stops abruptly.

To improve this presentation it would be wise to add some more information to the conclusion, such as what steps should be undertaken to become a doctor, and what a person should do to achieve his or her life goal. It would also be reasonable to present supporting arguments, which have strength in the relation to the main idea of the presentation. On the whole, the presentation can be considered to be not bad, there is a lack of some strong points, but it can be corrected with appropriate knowledge.



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