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«Speech on the Future of Nursing on Healthcare Delivery»

Good morning my fellow nurses and the entire healthcare practitioners. I welcome you all to this great seminar to learn on how the nursing profession would adopt different course to improve the health care system. I am a nurse and, therefore, I understand the challenges that affect healthcare delivery. Nurses and other health care practitioners need to upgrade and diversify their methods of service delivery to the public. There are four new distinct concepts that I would like to introduce to you in details. These are essential in the restructuring of health care delivery system in America. They include;

The first concept is the continuity of care delivery, which refers to improvements in healthcare delivery to the patients. The treatment in this method takes extra steps to ensure the patient's recovery is beyond any reproach. There are different studies that have split continuity of care concept into three types. The continuity in information involves the efficiency and effective dissemination of a patient’s information to enhance the connection of separate care services. It is also the transfer of accumulated known information about the patient to enhance smooth flow of healthcare service from one setting to another (Alberta Association of Registered Nurses, 1996).

The introduction and operation of Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a broad concept to adopt in the healthcare system. These healthcare facilities offer health services to patients taking to account the specified disease and treatment involved for later reimbursements by the government. It is a good form of service delivery considering the emergency and critical nature of some of the ailments presented. A conglomeration of nurses and other healthcare professionals, registered and licensed to operate in certain areas with a number of designated ailments they can handle, from them (Schaff et al., 2012).

The third concept is on medical homes also known as patient centered medical homes offering the basic health care to the public. These facilities mainly cater for the rural areas that are far from the advanced medical facilities. The medical homes are highly effective in providing follow up and maintaining high efficiency levels while in operation. Nurses should take up their rightful roles in providing services in these facilities to ensure providence of quality health care to the nation (Smith, & Goodwin, 2006).

Finally, there is the concept of nurse managed health clinics. These clinics are primary care providers run by advanced practicing nurses. These facilities are touted as the future of nursing and healthcare delivery for their basic functioning and effective service delivery (Harrington et al., 2004). Their main emphasis is on health education on preventative measures as well as promotion of healthy life styles. They target the remote areas, which are underserved or the healthcare system does not reach. They have siding rates of payment to cater for all the patients in need of primary care services. Although they are used as academic nursing facilities, their upgrade and recognition in, providing basic healthcare services would increase the delivery outreach to many remote areas. Studies have indicated that with government recognition nurse managed health centers would help reduce the cost of healthcare by 60% from the frequent expensive visits to health facilities by patients ((Harrington et al., 2004).

I firmly believe that the four concepts I have elaborated in my speech offers insight on the direction the reformed healthcare system is taking. The implementation of reforms in the health care sector would change nurses’ focus on service delivery in leading health facilities to the four concepts. Thank you very much for your kind attention.



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