«The 2012 U.S Presidential Elections» - Great Essay Sample

«The 2012 U.S Presidential Elections»

The 2012 U.S presidential elections was not the best way to elect a leader in to the top most state office. This system, despite the fact that it represented the view of the majority did not take into consideration the views of the minority and their reasons for voting their preferred candidate. By saying this I mean the use of collage voter system. This is a selection of a sample of voters from different states and having them determine the next head of state.

The presidential election should also not be measured by the simple majority as the number of persons per state varies. There are states with most people who have a historic voting pattern and so their votes will be to the advantage of their preferred candidate. This means that the voting system puts the more populated states at a better advantage over their counterparts who are few, making them control the selection of the president with every election done in the U.S.

There is also the issue of intimidation. The minority group in the States may prefer not to vote owing to the fact that their voice may not be heard, having felt intimidated by the majority. This will give one candidate an advantage over the other and may easily win owing to the votes not cast by the minority voters in the society.

These facts, summed up together, may have changed the outcome of the election of the president in 2012. The thesis statement therefore would be about the factors affecting the outcome of presidential elections in the United States. Topics such as the minority consideration, the historic voting pattern and the majority lead in college votes cast should form the main discussions. This would bring to light other factors that have before been ignored that influence the election outcome. This analysis will be critical to the future voting pattern of the U.S. also of importance of this analysis will be the factors to be considered in the election of a state leader. In the end of the analysis the question raised would be if the 2012 general election was fair to all the citizens.



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