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«Week Called for Teamwork»

School has been extremely demanding this week. What with confusion on the nature of tests. Naturally, It was our midterm online tests were due this week but the, multiple-choice test which was to form an integral part of the result was inaccessible.  Naturally, I had done ample revision and felt ready for the multiple- choice test. It was a relief though to those of us who prefer to present detailed work when the lecturer decided that he would use only an essay sent to him via email for grading. Well, I certainly did thorough research and am hoping the grade won’t disappoint. So much for that!

This week called for teamwork as we were supposed to make our final group presentation. The research had been draining but my three colleagues in the group were as determined as myself that we should make the most out of our research. We therefore conducted very thorough research that included physical surveys on the community around us, the internet and in books and other print sources on the subject. We then analyzed our findings and harmonized the results from each of our individual findings to come up with comprehensive conclusions. Afterwards, we rehearsed what were to present word for word. The problem only arose during the presentation itself. Despite my grasp of the subject since the topic (Working mother) is something that I identify with and my extensive research, I still found myself unable to explain myself explicitly. It seems I will have to work on my communication skills. The hiccups notwithstanding, I feel that we performed much better than the other three groups who had carried out only scanty research. My colleagues in the group did not face any communication problems and they saved the day. 



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