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«Birth Control»

For the first time, Men may soon have within reach the options of a harmless, effectual and reversible hormonal male contraceptive of a daily pill to be taken orally, a patch to be applied to the skin or a vaccination.

The idea of male birth control pills has brought to mind many emotions. Some had welcomed it and are glad that men equally have a choice when it comes to birth control which initially, was not available. They consider it as a means of control that empowers men to deter women with sole intentions of getting pregnant and use the pregnancy to acquire wealth. They are pleased to know that they to have options but get weary on the fact of medicating themselves and the after effects related with this drug. Never the less, a significant percentage are not willing to try it owing to the fact that they consider birth control as a women thing, but say that they will try it if their partners insist on it.

Based on the male value system, some things should come naturally. Nothing should be made to interfere with it. The main concerns vary from low sperm production because once the drug is taken sperm count drops down to zero. This in turn may lead to a stunted sperm production, which is a detrimental factor for one to be able to bear children. Another serious concern is the adding of weight which means that the drug contains compounds that affect Body Mass Index. This means that the more one continues taking this drug in the name of controlling birth, the more you will continue to add weight, and in the long run this might affect your weight and result in health related problems. The drug has also been known to cause headaches, acne, and excessive sweating which are issues that can ruin your day to day activities.



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