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«Cultural Assimilation»

1. Cultural assimilation entails different opinions about this process, and as a result, there are opponents and supporters of it. When people are assimilated into the other culture they begin to lose their identity, they adopt the other culture and forget about their national traditions and values. Opponents of the assimilation think that African Americans should preserve their national integrity, but do not mesh with American culture. However, there is also a positive side of this process. African Americans have the opportunity to learn the proper language, Standard English, and as a result, get good jobs.

2. Ebonics is a dialect of Standard English, and it is called Black English, because it is used by African Americans. In the 20th century there was made an attempt to raise the level of educated African Americans by recognizing Ebonics. However, this attempt was stopped, because many professors realize that to become successful and get a good job African Americans need to learn how to speak Standard English. For example, Garrard McClendon emphasizes the fact that Standard English is the language of business and education and Black English should be spoken at home. A person has to be able to code switch.

3. Kwanzaa is an African American holiday, which is celebrated in Europe, Canada, the Carribean, and the United States. This holiday was founded by Maulana Karenga, an African American activist. The essence of this holiday is that African Americans try to understand their identity. This holiday has seven principles and now it is very popular among black people. Some critics say that this holiday became very commercialized as the Christmas is, and this is a “black Christmas” itself. This holiday was supposed to help African Americans remember about their culture and history, but actually it makes a big division between African Americans and white Americans.



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