«Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness» - Great Essay Sample

«Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness»

Tri-County Independence Living Center is a non-profit organization, which provides services for people with disabilities. I found Tri-County Living Center a very interesting and useful organization, and it was interesting for me to get to know that this center was a result of consumer activism movements and civil rights, which began in the 1960’s. This center is located on Washington Boulevard in Utah. It was also interesting to know that the living center is going to change its name to Roads to Independence, because, I suppose it better shows the purpose of this center. The staff at this organization tries to improve the life of people with disabilities and make them independent from their relatives or family.

Personally, I would like to say that I liked the information about this center and the fact that workers help people and make their lives easier and more enjoyable there. The knowledge about this center was very useful for me, because I want to make something important in my life, to help people to treat their illnesses, and bring change into their lives. With a great desire I would like to work in this center and teach people with disabilities how to become independent individuals.

Nowadays there are many people with disabilities, they need special care, and as a result, new approaches to their treatment are the necessary part of working at such organization. Working with people with special needs I will do everything possible to make them comfortable and to make them feel like any other person. People with disabilities often have depression, but to deal with such state of health medical workers have to be patient, and I will be setting an example to others trying to find the way out of even very difficult situation. Every person, be it a patient with a simple illness or a patient with disability has to be treated with respect!



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