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«Evidence-Based Practice»

Without any doubt, the nurses are highly responsible for the effectiveness of the care that they provide to their patients. In this case, evidence-based practice (EBP) is identified as the most effective available evidence moderated by patient’s history that significantly improves the quality of medical opinions and promotes cost-effective care (Hudon, 2003). Indisputably, the widespread promotion and adoption of EBP can be amplified by its distinct advantages, such as free access to patient’s medical history, persistent communication amidst a nurse and a patient, consistency of medical care across professional boundaries, better circulation of medical reports based on the best evidence of a disease or health deterioration.

Moreover, while employing evidence-best practice, a nurse bases her diagnosis according to two categories, such as primary and secondary research. Primary research incorporates an adoption of medical experiments, clinical trials, and surveys that deeply analyze the patient’s deterioration of health, the incentives of health impairment, and medical predictions of appliance of patient’s organism to the required treatment. Furthermore, a nurse should gather evidence about her patient’s disease regarding a professional observance of other patients in order to make a professional diagnosis. Secondary research includes a systematic analysis of the prime studies and decision making concerning clinical management and availability of resources (Wynd, 2002). Additionally, evidence-based practice is characterized as an adoption of intelligence-in-action in which critical thinking is paramount. Scientists define critical thinking in terms of characteristics and behaviors that demonstrate critical thinking (Alfaro-LeFevre, 2004). For instance, before making a conclusion, a nurse should critically analyze assessment data based on medical examination and reciprocal interaction amidst a nurse and a patient in order to provide medical conclusions and effective methods of treatment.

All in all, application of evidence-based practice is very vital in current medical care, since this method helps to detect a side effect, to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment founded on the nurse’s judgments upon evidence. Moreover, the evidence-based practice is a significant method to keep nursing practice present, since a nurse who adopts this practice should be aware of minimal scientific researches that are applicable to nursing work. Consequently, this practice considerably influences the development of modern medicine and renewal of medical knowledge.



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