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«Guyland: Questions and Answers»

In Chapter 3 Kimmel Discusses Gender Police. What Is He Talking About?

Kimmel uses gender police to refer to the manner in which the friends and peers of men determine their roles in society. There is a particular code in Guyland, which men and boys are supposed to follow. Those who do not comply with it are forced to obey it by their peers. The masculine environment establishes particular norms and expectations that are aimed at creating a culture of manhood within boys. The peers act as some kind of police officers and aim at suppressing the feelings of men to ensure that they live following the code as well lead the expected masculine way of life. One of the rules enforced is that the masculine friends must always be put on the first place (Kimmel 44). Men are taught to remove compassion and any form of empathy from their emotional scale.

What Is the Function of Gay-Baiting /Bashing?

Gay-baiting or calling someone a fag is not an insult in Guyland. Gay-baiting is a kind of bullying, in which an individual is ridiculed or mimicked to create fear in him so that he does not engage in homosexual behaviors. In most cases, one will find young men watching movies alone without girls or going drinking, as well as enjoying driving. Gay-baiting just serves as a wake for those suspected of engaging in homosexual behaviors and making them stop. The men in Guyland prefer going out for drinking and staying away from women, but it does not mean that they participate in homosexual behaviors. These activities are geared towards ensuring that the young men live according to the standards expected of a real man.

Why Is Gay- Baiting and Calling a Guy a Fag or a Gay Is an Insult in Guyland? What Effect to Homosexuality Do These Words Have?

Gay baiting or calling people gays or fags is deemed abusive in Guyland because, according to the guy code, the guys are expected to prefer men friends over the female friends. They are nurtured to interact more with boys than girls. The essence of this approach is to force them to live according to the expected standards. If guys are called gays, it means they will feel shy interacting with their fellow men and, therefore, would hang out with women, which is against the guy code of Guyland. These words are aimed at discouraging the young men from engaging in homosexual behaviors but rather stimulate drinking and bullying, which are considered the characters of real men.

Explain the Concept of a Mama’s Boy

The notion mama’s boys relates to the transition from childhood to adulthood. Kimmel expresses the view that since the teenage boys are policed by their peers to engage in acts that depict manhood; those who fail to comply with these standards are mama’s boys. It also means that these boys have refused to be initiated into manhood by the Guyland group in either high school or college. The mama’s boys are always referred to as babies or gays to intimidate them to join Guyland. A mama’s boy, therefore, is one that is stuck in the transition from childhood to manhood.

On Page 53 Kimmel Discusses a Culture of Cruelty. What Is It and Who Enforces It? Why Is This Culture Problematic for Guys?

The culture of cruelty refers the immoral acts the teenage boys engage in during their initiation into Guyland. Such actions include the violence, bullying, gay-baiting, raping, excessive drinking, drunk driving, etc. The teenage males conduct the acts of robbery and raping of women in public. The cruel acts are enforced by the peers who act as the gender police. This culture, however, is problematic for the young men because once they graduate from college, they are likely to continue with the activities thus causing harm to both the society and themselves.

If a Nine-Year Boy Is Bullied by Another Boy, What Do We Tell Him to Do?

It is unfortunate that a boy of nine years can become intimidated. This way, the society in Guyland tells him to become a man. Bullying is a common activity in Guyland, and, therefore, the boy is also encouraged to bully. Guyland teaches these young men to lose all empathy and compassion. Thus, the bullied boy is expected to harden and do the same to others. Bullying is regarded as one of the ways of initiating young boys into manhood.

On Page 53, Kimmel Discusses the Mask of Masculinity. What Is It?

The mask of masculinity, according to Kimmel, refers to the rules or standards laid down to aid in the transition from boyhood to manhood. The Mask of Masculinity is represented by a Guy Code. The code stipulates how the members of these groups should behave. These standards are not supervised by any other authority but by the peers themselves. The Mask of Masculinity, therefore, a gender controlled by the Code. It is referred to as a mask because it is not something that the teenagers are born with. It is not biological. Guyland, which is run by the Code, is an artificial setup, and that is why the code is represented as the Mask of Masculinity.

Why Is All These Problematic to Boys?

The Guy Code, which stands for the Mask of Masculinity, guides men’s lives in Guyland. Most of the activities associated with it are excessive drinking, rape, bullying, etc. The rules that initiate the teenagers into these behaviors are artificial. The whole situation creates a problem because the boys are initiated by being forced to lose empathy and compassion, which are the values of the society. When the boys get out of school, they become ruthless against their wish because they were coerced into immoral acts by their peers. The most serious problem, however, is the fact that, by implication, the boys are given the right to misbehave in schools and the society when they get out.

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What Is One of the Functions of Violence?

Violence plays a crucial role in the hardening of boys to become men. It is the main form of policing the teenage boys to comply with the Guy Code or the standards expected of a man. It is used to develop masculinity in boys. When violence is used, fear is created in the young boys who have just joined high schools. Consequently, they strive to comply with the set standards even without their consent. Violence, therefore, is used to intimidate the ‘mama’s boys’ and make them quit their empathic and compassionate acts and harden. Since the Guy Code is enforced by peers, the use of violence assists them to ensure compliance with it.

Kimmel Mentions Three Kinds of Cultures within Guyland that Perpetuate Guyland to the Detriment of the Society. What Are Those Cultures?

Kimmel mentions that the three cultures that are very detrimental include the cultures of silence, entitlement, and protection.

Why Is Each of Them Significant? Are They Fluid?

The culture of entitlement is detrimental and significant as it creates a mentality of men that they are entitled to women, the women’s sexuality, and power. It is a kind of feeling they develop that they deserve these things. The culture is very detrimental to women, making them feel segregated.

The culture of silence entitles men not to report anything done by other men or their peers in the course of drinking, bullying or even raping women. Under these cultures, men do not have the right to report anything to strangers pertaining to the acts mentioned above.

Under the culture of protection, the society is deemed not to hold men accountable for their illegal actions. They have created a culture where dangerous acts committed by boys are excusable. These cultures are fluid because they only apply to men but, on the other hand, they do not apply to women.

Why Are These Cultures Specifically Racial?

The cultures are racial because they create a particular race of privileged men at the detriment of women. These cultures also apply mostly to white males as opposed to the black ones who are segregated. They are, therefore, racial to the extent that they cherish the creation of a particular privileged group of people in the society called men at the detriment of the other members of the society.

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Is White Culture Partially to Blame? Why?

The white culture is to blame because the Western culture propagates the greed of power in men, their independence, a culture of aggression, and the lack of emotion in men. Masculinity is cherished in the Western (or the white culture), and matters of sexual harassment are not taken with severity within it. The white culture, therefore, should be blamed for the detrimental approaches of entitlement, silence, and protection.       

Notice that His Examples of Violence are Exclusive of Athletes. Why Are Athlete’s Perpetrators of These Crimes? (Community, Status, Access to Spaces, All-American, etc.)

Athletics gives room for the male athletes to express their emotions, something they would not have been able to do in their daily lives. (Kimmel 129). Through the sports, men are given an opportunity to make a connection with their fathers who cherish masculinity. Men detest the intrusion of women into sports like football and athletics because it only serves to remind them of the bitter reality that they need to accept other members of the society as equal. This feeling, therefore, leads to numerous cases of violence against women.

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Kimmel Says the Culture of Silence Is the Culture of Complicity, What Does He Mean?

By stating this, Kimmel means that the culture of silence assists in the protection of assailants and criminals, which increases the crime rate in the society. The police, for example, may commit murder but, if not captured by the CCTV cameras, the incident will not be reported by the witnesses. In the same manner, in Guyland, men engage in the public raping of innocent girls without being reported. People witness the incident knowing that it is against the law, but no one dares or bothers to report. The society holds the dangerous acts of boys as lawful and excusable and thus, detrimental to women.

What Does He Call for 69? How Can We Achieve This Goal Individually as a Society?

In page 69, Kimmel advocates that to save the society from Guyland, there is the need to empower men who are deemed silent over the violent ones to create an ethical society. It is also important to cherish the good behavior of the silent men than the bad behavior of the violent ones. The only way to achieve this goal is to exploit the bridge between the fathers and mothers over the protection culture to save the society (Kimmel 69).

Why Do Guys Feel the Need to Escape to Video Games?

Playing carries them away from the reality of life and consumes their time that could have been used to develop their lives. They enter another world where the family responsibilities and the hardships of life are forgotten. Moreover, playing gives them the opportunity to free their aggressiveness without fearing for the possible consequences. Moreover, cyber reality creates the world where everything possible.

What Are the Three Rs Kimmel Suggests Are the Reasons Why Guys Like Video Games and Poker?

The three R’s are restoration, relaxation, and revenge.

Why Are These Hyper-Violent Games So Appealing to Guys? (149)

Guys love the hyper-violent games because they take them away from the world of reality to another one, where the family responsibilities and the hardship of life do not exist. From these games, the men get ideas that provoke their anger and sexism and, therefore, make them feel powerful, even though their privileges in the society no longer exist. Due to these games, although in their imagination or unconsciously, men have the ability to to revenge those who initiated their downfall by taking away their privileges in the society. Since after graduating from colleges, guys are overburdened with responsibilities as they are expected to become the breadwinners of their families. The young men, therefore, delay these adult responsibilities by engaging in the watching of violent movies or gaming to assist them in restoring their masculinity.

What Are the Functions of the 3 Rs? (153)

Restoration as one of the three R’s assists guys in reclaiming what they think is their rightful position in society. Relaxation aims at taking the youths into the fantasy world, away from the harsh reality of their adult responsibilities. Lastly, revenge serves as a motivation for the guys to engage in violent acts to put to record those who made them lose their priorities in life (Kimmel 153).

Why Are They Significant?

These aspects are of particular importance because they invoke the minds of many people in society to start thinking about why the black Americans have been facing segregation for a very long time and what is the solution to such kind of racism.

Why Do Guys Like Radio Personalities? What Kind of Space Does This Create?

Guys love radio presenters because they give them room to show their anger and portray their real manhood, which, in reality, is lost. The radio presenters give the ability for the teenage guys to express their selves as real men and assure them that all the tribulations they are going through are not their fault. For example, radio personalities state that the white guys suffer all evils in the US; however, they have never participated in those vices. The taking away of their rights such as settling down quickly, being successful in life, getting good jobs according to the radio personalities are not their fault. They state that guys are robbed of their manhood. The existence of space for discussion and expression of anger gives a hope of manhood to the guys.

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Why Do White Guys Like Gangsta Rap? (163- 166)

White guys enjoy gangster rap music because its lyrics instill a feeling of masculinity in men. Gangsta rap is a medium through which the life of the black male teenage life is expressed. It depicts a particular kind of manhood of the black men. These individuals use rap to express their discrimination and racialization. The white men, however, use hip-hop to demonstrate their masculinity as a way of showing their resentment over some issues in the society. They view themselves as the ‘racialized other’ (Kimmel 166). They, therefore, like rap because they use it as a symbol and means of demonstrating their grievances as white guys.

What Does Kimmel Mean When He Says Authentic? Page (163)

The word authentic used by Kimmel means ‘perfect‘, or a model for the teenage guys. The term is used in conjunction with the rap music. Kimmel, therefore, aims at indicating that the rap music is the perfect medium upon which the black teenage youths could read manhood views. Eminem as a rap musician, for example, is presented by Kimmel as an authentic voice for the black teenagers. Johnny cash is also regarded as a form of masculinity for emulation by the teenagers. The word authentic means that rap is the perfect medium upon which the characteristics and the history of the African Americans can be expressed to the black youth (Kimmel 163).



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