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«Social Networks»

Nowadays, social networking such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. is very popular. They involved about 1 billion people in the world. The use of numerous has pros and cons. For example, in the U.S., every eighth pair creates a family, after meeting in a social network. Users can communicate with so many people at the same time, being in different parts of the Earth.

But the negative sides of visiting Internet pages are too significant.In a short time a person moving from casual to social networking can have compulsive or addictive behavior. According to statistics, about one of six users of the Internet community, is a "social drug addict." The reason for this is the new "virtual world" that person finds on Facebook, Twitter or other similar sites. With every visit user can become more dependent. At this stage there are the first warning signs. Warning signs include:

- The user is regularly asked the question "Why did not he / she answer his/her message?" ;

- Difficulties with the division on real and virtual life;

- Excessive number of virtual friends, and the necessity of constant updating of content on the page;

- Depression because of unavailability of favorite social network, due to technical problems.

In recent years, there is the degradation of the population highlighted medicine. The network dependence leads to digestive problems, such as disturbing mode of eating, lack of sleeping, increasing anxiety. But the main disease is a mental disorder, as it was defined by Jerald Block, from the University of Health and Science in Oregon. Treatment for the man, who is only interested in visiting the social pages and suffered from mental disorders, should be thrown in a mental institution. Despite of this being among Internet users can give little chance to lose dependence. Every person who has an account on the Internet, should not allow this. Namely: to visit these sites no more than 10-20 minutes a day to control themselves and their behavior.People who got rid depending social networks put their stories, stories to other users in the hope that they will be useful to them. "One moved away from dependence on the sly. Just a year ago, every day this person spent several hours talking to virtual friends. It took so much time, that his wife jealous to a virtual world. Once he thought and decided they virtual, but his wife - real. He slowly finished talking and communication. " (Romanov, 2012).

“I'm a man astray. When something is interesting to me, I can dive into the net to lose control of time, so I control my behavior in the network and if I notice that was carried away, simply disconnect from the Internet, because I have a social, family and professional problems, the implementation of which dependence on the Internet and social networking can prevent.” (Muldoon, 2010).



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